If you're tired of washing your hair every day with shampoo, you're not alone. The chemically-laden product is making your hair dry and frizzy and can even contribute to cancer. You'll be saving time and money, too. What's more, quitting shampoo is also better for the environment. Using less shampoo means fewer plastic bottles and less poison going down the drain. Not only that but using less shampoo may also help you keep your hair healthier and reduce your risk of cancer and epilepsy.

The most important thing to remember when trying to quit shampoo is that it doesn't have to be hard. Using dry shampoo is one way to help you make the transition. It's easy to wash your hair without shampoo, and you'll find your hair becomes cleaner. Dry shampoo disperses natural oils, which means fewer split ends. If you can't quit shampoo right away, you'll have less oil and frizz after the transition period. Modern Mammals have an alternative to shampoo. No more poofy, dry, itchy heads. Leave hair with more of its natural moisture, so it feels fresh and healthy after every wash, give it a try.

Another way to transition to no-poo is to stretch the time between shampooing and train your scalp to stop producing oil. Commercial shampoos strip natural oils from your hair and cause your scalp to overcompensate. Practicing no-poo for a few days at a time can train your hair to go longer between washes. Using water-based products is also a good way to stop hair oil production. A healthy scalp will keep your hair soft and shiny.

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