The idea of a fully automated world where bot complete jobs quicker and easier than humans is not an advanced utopia. In fact, it is becoming more and more of a reality daily. Undoubtedly, bots can affect various markets in several means and the fashion industry is no exception.


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Depending on an item most especially when it pertains to fashion accessories, these items sell out in a few minutes, or even seconds in some cases and after that it becomes a bit difficult for us to locate and also purchase these items. However, with the rate at which the tech world is moving, this would no longer be a problem. With the utilization of bots, they will help to automate this system, saving your choice of product, size, as well as credit card payment details, speeding through the check-out procedure so as to get the item of your choice the second it is launched. Nevertheless, below are the top 5 bots used in the fashion industry today.


  1. AERIE BOT: The aerie bot is a very helpful bot for younger individuals who might just be getting to know more about putting on bras. This bot offers a variety of alternatives, from bra size and bra shopping to treatment suggestions for you.

  1. SUPERCOP PRO (SUPREME BOT): With innovative coding and functions, the Supercop pro is without a doubt the very best option for purchasing limited goods from Supreme.

  1. AIO BOT: This brilliant BOT would certainly add your shoes to the cart on its own even if the site crashes. Immediately it is done, it would check-out as well as inform you either by email or SMS, allowing you to know that it has actually copped the shoe you want.

  1. SOLE SEEKR: Being one of the most affordable bots available, it supports Nike, Footaction, Footlocker, Eastbay, Finishline, and Supreme NY. What’s more, you can have unlimited accounts making use of this bot.

  1. NIKE SHOE BOT: Having a high-end technology, this bot has been very user-friendly and efficient since its existence about four years back, helping customers easily cop their items online.

    The fashion industry has consistently been aware of the latest technological developments in fashion. And just as the effect of the internet was beyond the bounds of possibility to forecast, we can’t conceptualize where future bot in the fashion industry would take us. However, since bots are becoming less complicated to apply, it would not only help in evaluating customer purchases, but it would also create a great store experience for customers right in their homes.

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