"Fashion news sites" CES just went by, and we got to see some of the most brilliant fashion-tech innovations in the marketplace. While the Nike BB Adept caught the attention of everyone by storm, CES also had some noteworthy mentions. With 4,500 companies and 180,000 people attending, there were products from across industries.


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Innovations from CES in fashion news sites space in 2019

From smart belts to motion fashion, there were some truly innovative creators present during the event. While mostly seen as a technology-focused event, CES had some interesting fashion technology as well. Here were some of the more remarkable ones –

Welt – Wearable Belt

A smart belt designed to give you feedback on your current health. It’s one of the more interesting and unobtrusive innovations that you can wear on your person. The innovation was designed to be a smartwatch for your waist and can be worn like any regular belt. Much like how we watch our waistline, the belt connects to your smartphone and watches out for you. It measures expansion, waist size increase, and health goals that you may achieve over time. It gives you a more statistical point of view when it comes to your waist, and can give you feedback on nutrition, health, and exercise. 

“Welt takes the health tech industry to an entirely new level with its customized plans for fitness goals. We will demonstrate many of our new software updates, including the fall-risk assessment that can help the elderly or consumers who are at risk of falls.” - Sean Kang, CEO Welt.

The Kate Spade Google Watch

We finally got to see the much-anticipated smart watch from Kate Spade this year, filled with new features and Google Assistant built in. The Scallop Smartwatch 2 collection runs a pre-order of around $300 and has the Google OS built into the watch. Everything that you can do with a smartphone, you can do so with the smartwatch and the aesthetics have been developed to appeal to their female demographic.

“We combined our feminine design details, including our signature spade and scallop detailing, with the latest technology and customization features for her everyday needs. This smartwatch is a sophisticated blend of style and function. An everyday luxury.” - Nicola Glass, creative director of Kate Spade New York.

LG Smart Mirror for retail

One of the most interesting applications to come out of the AI and connected space is the LG smart mirror. The mirror is designed to work with Google Assistant technology, and it can give you product recommendations and outfit ideas to try out. You can also ask the smart mirror for fashion suggestions based on innovators and bloggers that you follow online. The smart mirror is just another way to connect the digital and real-world, making huge leaps for retailers to adopt the technology for their stores. What’s more, is that LG is planning on launching a smart steam closet as well – all connected to an AI algorithm. Innovations from CES in fashion news sites space in 2019

Future Light – breathable and waterproof

The North Face launched a new product at CES this year that is both breathable and waterproof. It has designed a new fabric leveraging the power of smart technology and comfort-driven UX. The brand hopes to create a new technology in comfortable clothing that can be adapted to become a t-shirt, a pair of jeans or even a sweater.

“With Futurelight, we can theoretically use the technology to make anything breathable, waterproof and for the first time, comfortable. Imagine a waterproof T-shirt, sweater or even denim that you actually want to wear. Today we start with jackets, tents and gloves, but the possibilities could be endless.” - Scott Mellin, Global General Manager The North Face.





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