Seeing an example of a successful woman in a male-dominated field is nothing short of inspiring. Melinda Herron believed in herself and used her knowledge and expertise to launch successful grooming products.

Melinda has a master's degree in Health Care Administration and a bachelor's degree in Business Management. Having spent years working as a master hairstylist and event planner, Melinda understands the complexity of true customer satisfaction. Additionally, she is a licensed cosmetologist. She always knew that she wanted to create a brand that would put the health and the well-being of her customers first. This is why she decided that clean products are the way to go!

Melinda Herron's dedication, hard work, and investment in her brand all paid off as men were taken by the quality and performance of her products. She named the brand 103 Collection and gave it a life of its own. Many men give up on growing out beards after they face some of the common issues like dry skin, split ends, or allergic reactions. Taking this into consideration Melinda formulated clean products that focused on moisturizing the skin and the hair follicle. Products are very healthy as they have the best natural ingredients. Lavender oil, bamboo extract, and Juniper berry oil are just some of the ingredients used in the 103 Collection. Also, they are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can enjoy them without feeling guilty. What makes the products truly special is the fact that they have sustainable ingredients that don't cause any allergic reactions or irritations. Yet, the products are affordable.


Entering a male-dominated field with a brand new product requires confidence, expert entrepreneurship, and knowledge. Melinda Herron managed to successfully start up a business with rapid growth. Positive reviews from her customers motivate Melinda to work on constant improvements, providing her brand with the best resources. Thinking outside of the box is a crucial part of a business model. Maybe all it takes is a woman with experience to revolutionize beard grooming products.103 Collection is similar to the Scotch Porter and can be found at Target. 103 Collection offers beard wash products, as well as beard oils. Formulated with vegan ingredients suitable for sensitive skin these products make the skin feel and look soft. Furthermore, they help strengthen the beard allowing it to grow thicker and stronger. Therefore, they are perfect for both men who are just starting to grow out their beards as well as men with established beards.


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