Location And Voice Technology Are The Future Of Fashion:

The application of location and voice technologies holds tremendous promise for the fashion and retail industry. Most individuals in the present day digital age lead a time-pressed lifestyle, scattered with the pressing need for instant gratification, more options, and greater ease. Given this backdrop, location and voice are in transit to build up what can be regarded as the future of something as everyday a lifestyle phenomenon as fashion.




The relevance of location is evolving towards further refinement

There was a time where procuring the best spot in the physical marketplace was key to the success of a fashion retailer due to ease of accessibility to customers.

However, e-commerce revolutionized that, making access to fashion completely location independent. The focus from a location of a fashion store then shifted to its products only. What worked was the combination of best products combined with a seamless shopping experience across all platforms - online channels, social media, mobile app, and offline store.

As this method of shopping penetrated, fashion brands got to know more about who their customers were, but not where they were at different points of time.

Now, exactly at this juncture, once again, location is redefining its role and relevance in terms of what it means for fashion retail.

Micro-location technology is now helping retailers know where their customers are, track them on the go, and alert them when they’re near a store. Brands like Macy's, IKEA have been among the early adopters of the same, and it is expected that this will slowly turn towards being the next normal at large.


Voice is heading to become undoubtedly the next big thing

As you may have already realized, the growth pace of smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Home pod has been quite steep, and it definitely holds the card to transform how we shop.

Voice as technology has already penetrated quite significantly when it comes shopping for household items and grocery suppliers. Google partnering with Wal-Mart to offer voice shopping clearly indicates the potential this technology has moving forward, in terms of providing a significant opportunity to fashion retailers to integrate into the way they market and sell their products.


Fashion goods that adopt these technologies will become future proof

Standing today, with the trend around smart wearables, it is also safe to say those fashion choices that don’t require people to strike a tradeoff between looking good and staying connected to technology are sure to hit success.

Savvy companies that can offer fashion goods, which intelligently simplify people’s lives, are bound to be future proof. Attractive wearables leveraging voice technology can be a very valuable proposition, especially for women who often tend to have dresses without pockets to keep their smartphones in for easy access.

In a nutshell, the possibilities of combining fashion and tech are definitely endless. The merger of the two, with voice and location under tech indeed hold immense promise for transforming the retail landscape and also what accessories are fashionable. 




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