Korean beauty has revolutionized the industry with products that focus on extensive skincare and natural-looking makeup. Thanks to the way the products are formulated, they provide a clean alternative that provides results for multiple skin types. So, there is no wonder that K-beauty has taken off worldwide and captured the hearts and wallets of people all from all walks of life.

However, as Korean products were initially designed with Asian people in mind, the rise of K-Beauty in other cultures is still quite new. That’s where the founder of Koko Rose Beauty (KRB), Charlo “Koko” Greene found her niche and developed a K-Beauty brand, that’s not only backed by science but created specifically for people of color.

Koko suffered from acne for over 20 years. This changed the way she saw herself and she felt a lack of confidence for years. However, this journey led her to fall in love with skincare. As she spent her time trying out and researching various products she grew an appreciation for clean active ingredients, that work. This is why she finally decided to start her own beauty line.

Koko’s passion motivated her to go to Korea and explore and research possibilities for her line. Staying months at a time she worked with a South Korean lab and hired a professional formulator to develop science-backed skincare products. The formulations are created based on years of scientific research and experience.

KRB has products that cater to melanin-rich skin thanks to the carefully engineered formulation. The pH of the skin rich in melanin is different, so it is important to use the right products. The brand offers various skin care products from scrubs, and eczema relief potions, to cleansers. All of the products are catered to brown and black skin while maintaining the true essence of K-Beauty.

Koko wants to empower people of color through her black-owned k-beauty brand. Her devotion and passion for her business are admirable. She revolutionized the beauty industry making it more inclusive. Thanks to the scientifically proven formulations and extensive research, Koko Rose Beauty products offer an innovative approach to skincare.

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