The number of beauty products on the market is infinite. Finding the right beauty products, however, can be nearly impossible, especially ones that emphasize organic ingredients and natural beauty. 

Kitsie Duncan, now the owner of ThatWitchBeauty, faced a similar dilemma. She recalls walking down the beauty aisles and thinking, “why can’t there be a product I buy that makes me feel better about how I look AND something that makes me feel better about how I feel.” 

Instead of continuing to harp upon this struggle, Duncan utilized her past experiences to create a beauty line that emphasized self-love and pureness. The past experiences that she utilized in the creation of her products were largely paranormal in nature.



Before Duncan was the owner of ThatWitchBeauty, she worked on several paranormal projects. Most notably, she was the director and star role in three seasons of Oddity Files on Amazon Prime. Her involvement in this project specifically led to her desire to explore and investigate the paranormal realm herself. This journey helped to uncover her ability to read energy, see spirits, and even communicate with the dead telepathically. This is where her interest in energy, magic, and spirits originated from.

Kitsie Duncan created the beauty line with the ideals of energy and magic in mind. She explains that “the intention for each product I make is to help the end-user feel [beautiful on the inside and out], and learn that taking care of themselves is something they should enjoy, and get some sort of satisfaction from.”

While most people may not associate witchcraft with self-love and acceptance, these ideals stand at the center of witchcraft, and Duncan’s beauty line.

She explains her desires for customers using her products: “I want each customer to find a little extra self-love in each bottle. The world is a crazy place, and so many of us lose track of who we really are. I think it’s time we ALL get to know ourselves a little better, beyond the daily routine, who we are, what we truly want for ourselves, and how we let go of the fear that is holding us back.”

It is also important to mention that, not only are Duncan’s products effective in enhancing beauty, they also serve as a sense of comfort, support, and love for customers. 

One buyer expresses in their review of the product “That Witch Beauty: Hair Magic” on Duncan’s Etsy shop: “My hair is so much softer when I use this! I love the smell too, and the crystals in all of the products are such a wonderful touch. Can’t wait to try out more of these magical products!”

Another buyer notes: “I absolutely love these products (and I mean all of her products). They are amazing. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives and with her potions, oils, and sprays, she puts her love, wisdom, and most importantly her Witchy Charm into every product and that makes them so special!!!!”

Kitsie Duncan explains her mission in delivering these magical products to customers: “I personally feel the world needs more love in it, and I am trying to bring that love to every single person who purchases my products.”

To browse and purchase Kitsie’s products, visit her website and on Instagram @thatwitchbeauty.

You can find ThatWitchBeauty in stores globally including; Botanical Arts Company (South Lake Tahoe, CA) Soul Purpose (Halifax, MA) 02338 Hampton Design Studio & Shop

(Indianapolis, IN) Range of Motion Massage Therapy (Alliston, ON, Canada)

Nightingale Cross (Cinderford, UK).



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