This summer, the Virtual Influencer Summit 2021, where anyone can learn more about the growing influencer industry will be aired through a series of Zoom panels and talks from a fabulous roster of Influencer speakers.

Those who are already influencers or aspire to become one are invited to attend the event taking place June 10-12.  The conference plans to host a variety of female entrepreneurs, key personalities, and influential leaders to share their experiential insight on monetization, growth, imposter syndrome, utilizing hashtags, podcasting, media training, and many other public figures and media-related topics.  The Influencer Summit is expected to be a must-attend for this Summer with its outstanding panel with over seven million followers.

Tiger King actor and CEO of Big Cat Rescue will be speaking at the event and sharing her experience of how to overcome character assassination and online bullying.

The host, Rose Campbell, has great insight into the influencer industry, multitasking as a TV personality, entrepreneur, mother of five, author, and CEO of Corralling The Campbells.  Rose has achieved major accomplishments as an influencer, such as traveling and utilizing her platform to gain her free stays at resorts when her family home was lost to natural disasters. She has ultimately brought in a net of over $300k, and today she advises those wanting to become an influencer and shares her success tips and tricks.

Another special guest to be featured at the event is entrepreneur, music producer, singer/songwriter, and mother, Stacey Jackson.  She will be giving her knowledge on being an influencer for women over 30, and how she manages her platform while juggling a full plate.

Take advice from the pros by joining Rose and the other fabulous speakers at the 2021 Virtual Influencer Summit. These powerful women have a lot to share on reaching a greater following, monetizing content, and growing your brand online.  Anyone who values their personal brand and likes to post on social media will surely gain something from the event!

Get practical tips from the expert panelists themselves, including:

  • Ali Levine, TV Personality and Influencer
  • Stacey Jackson, Singer, and Entrepreneur
  • Brittney Levine, Today Show Host, and QVC
  • Tabitha Kelly, This Mama’s House on YouTube
  • Teran Martin, Founder of Mamas Milk Wrap
  • Jessica, @HealthyFitFabMoms
  • Nicolette Brycki, TV Personality and Beauty Influencer
  • Brooke, @SociallyBrooke_
  • Kelli Hehlke, K Lucinda Talent
  • Salynn Taylor, Publicist

The insights these influencers have on the industry are surely valuable in motivating those who want to grow their platform!

The 2021 Virtual Influencer Summit is doing amazing giveaways, where five attendees will win $100 Amazon gift cards. Also up for grabs are AirPods and gift cards for Target and Wildflower Threads boutique. This event is sponsored by Apple, Send Heirloom, Wildflower Threads, and Noyah Lipstick.

Register today for the online event at Tickets can be purchased for $55 or VIP for $100.




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