SIDAI creates a leading brand in women's health management.

In 2012, Bianxi Group started to involve in the field of women's health management at the beginning of its establishment. In order to help more women stay away from sub-health, the group has always adhered to the vision of "building a leading brand in women's health management", and traveled around the world to study and exchange women's health technology, and then reached a five-year strategic cross-border cooperation with Japan Sakurai Health Research Co., Ltd. After years of joint research and testing with Japan Sakurai Health Research Co., Ltd, Bianxi Group successfully launched SIDAI in 2019, the first SGS-certified high-end brand for women's private parts care in China, aiming to promote the continuous development of women's health management.

Eight years' hard work to create genuine products. SIDAI has mature R&D technology and advanced production capacity in China. Under the joint research with Japan Sakurai women's health management Research Co., Ltd., it has successfully developed a series of high-end products for private parts care by using the top extraction technology, which is rich in the antioxidant ingredient fullerene, so that the inner beauty of women can really stay in the most delicate state. This initiative has successfully filled the blank field of "anti-aging" in the world of private parts care.

SIDAI's positioning is private beauty, and its idea comes from "butterfly loves flower". If you bloom, butterflies will come, "the flower of private parts blooms beautifully" is the brand attitude of SIDAI. Different from the traditional concept of private parts care, SIDAI, a Sino-Japanese multinational joint venture brand focusing on Asian women's private parts care and health, insists on revitalizing and rejuvenating from the inside out, making private parts healthy and beautiful naturally.


The core of SIDAI's beautiful private parts is fullerene. It is the result of many years of research and development by the founder of SIDAI and its team around the world. It has the ability to enhance cellular vitality, empowering genetic anti-aging, can fundamentally enhance the body's immunity, renewed beauty, so that the private parts tight elastic, pink and crystal, as much as the girl's innocence and royal elder sister temptation.


This magical element also shines in SIDAI products. The story begins with the sexy SIDAI Private Parts Care Set. The set contains five fullerene antibacterial gels that have the ability to slow down skin aging, increase skin elasticity, and self-cleanse the private area. These functions depend mainly on the presence of fullerenes. The super diamond antioxidant ingredient is good at scavenging free radicals and slowing down collagen loss. In addition, the hyaluronic acid contained in the product helps the skin maintain long-lasting moisturization. The two complement each other for better results.

In addition to fullerene antibacterial gel, the set also includes wax chrysanthemum antibacterial gel, Kaki flower Tima antibacterial gel and fullerene antibacterial lotion, active anti-inflammatory essence of Japanese wax chrysanthemum, the antibacterial effect of New Zealand Horopito and strong nourishing Indonesia Kaki flower Tima, and other effective ingredients in their respective roles, releasing a large amount of antibacterial power to help women's private parts have a superb defense function.

In addition, the "SIDAI private parts care set" breaks the original rules and regulations. It is carefully crafted in the outer packaging. The detailed design, color matching, and material selection also pay more attention to user experience. The three unique effects are especially loved by consumers. The first effect is anti-bacterial, it can make the private parts of the acid-alkaline balance, since the creation of vibrant ecology. The second effect is repairing, it can keep the private parts tight and pink, glowing sexy and beautiful. The third effect is anti-emergency, it can provide our consumers with a pleasant and worry-free guarantee for each sweet love.

The introduction of the "SIDAI Private Parts Care Set" is the latest achievement of a nationwide company to apply the anti-aging concept to the private parts care world. The set was awarded the Riley Fashion & Beauty Popularity Award in 2020, which is well deserved. This award also means that the brand SIDAI has officially entered the field of fashion and health. As one of the leading brands of Bianxi Group, SIDAI is a mature brand developed for Asian women's private parts care in China.

SIDAI has a series of professional products to guard the health of private parts: "Men's Antibacterial Spray", "SIDAI Three Ginseng Antibacterial Gel", "SIDAI Powder Essence Tender Film Set", "SIDAI Fullerene Feminine Napkin" and so on. These products are loved by consumers, and all occupy a significant position in the private parts care sector. Among them, "Men's Antibacterial Spray" has won the "2020 Men's Style LEON Beauty Awards" the best men's antibacterial spray of the year.

Currently, the domestic private parts care market has begun to focus on the male private parts care model. This award also represents the concept of men's private parts care health is gradually attached to Chinese people. The men's antibacterial spray is called "love preservation products", it is refined from pure plants, standard weak acidic formula, developed specifically for men's sensitive parts, containing "ginkgo Biloba, mother chrysanthemum, water hyacinth" and other effective ingredients. It has antiseptic and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and odor, reduce the effectiveness of sensitivity, restores the original color of men, the ultimate care of men's health.


SIDAI specially launches SIDAI Three Ginseng Anti-bacterial Gel, which can effectively improve the environment of women's private parts. This set follows the Japanese production process and selects three rare ingredients: Japanese bitter ginseng, Japanese genkoshen, and Korean six-year red ginseng. They are treated with special antibacterial technology, which can achieve the effect of the internal environment of women's private parts. 

SIDAI's founder and the team have never stopped exploring the field of female intimate care. 2020 also saw the launch of the SIDAI Pink Essence Mask Set. This is a collection of natural extracts, all-around care in one female private parts care film set, containing rose extract, lavender extract, and collagen ingredients can promote the skin-nourishing moisturizing, soothing and calming, brightening and tightening, always maintain the pink state.

In May 2021, SIDAI launched a new product - "SIDAI Fullerene Feminine Napkin". Its raw materials use a combination of fullerene and graphene dual function chips to easily deodorize and inhibit bacteria. This is SIDAI's over-the-top breakthrough in the private parts care industry! Girls do not need to be anxious about the surging amount during their periods. Imported SAP absorbent beads can instantly absorb the water. No need to worry about any harm, the authoritative testing certification proves its 0 additives, 0 fluorescent agents, 0 fluffy pulp!  "SIDAI Fullerene feminine napkins" adhere to the concept of skincare and skincare, to give menstruating women a full range of care, is a true conscience for female consumers!


SIDAI is a brand myth created by its conscientious products, and its full line of products has created a good story in the field of privacy care. In December, SIDAI, a Sino-Japanese multinational joint venture brand, was officially unveiled to the public at Bianxi Group's seventh-anniversary celebration held in Xiamen, China. In the same year, SIDAI, together with IPTV, was featured in the New Year's Eve concerts of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Dongfang TV stations and the two popular variety shows Day Day Up and Showdown, I'm an actor. The brand advertisement landed in Xiamen Airport and Xiamen High-Speed Railway and became one of the brands with the conscience that women in the private parts care industry spread by word of mouth.

In December 2020, the first anniversary of the launch of SIDAI, Bianxi Group held the "Grasp the Future, Infinite Shine" Bianxi 8th Anniversary & SIDAI 1st Anniversary Gala at the Shanghai National Convention & Exhibition Center, where many stars such as Sun Nan, Yang Kun, Hu Yanbin, Huang Shengyi, Jikki Junyi, Zhang Zihao, and Helen came to the event. 

The birth of SIDAI is undoubtedly the storm of the private parts care industry. It will definitely lead the whole female private parts care market trend and become a high-end brand of female private parts care out of China and to the world. In the near future, SIDAI will still bring more fine products to create beauty miracles for its consumers.




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