Asia has a rich history and culture of skin preservation, so it is only common sense that we’d keep an eye out on their latest innovations. And when we heard about the new beauty brand OMONO from Japan, we just had to give it a try.




This revolutionary product is an all-in-one supplement that promises to deliver your youthful glow with just one drink each day. And we are about to find out why.

Beauty Mistakes that Scream ‘No’

First things first. When it comes to beauty, we can be a little misled along the way and be prone to making silly beauty mistakes that are easily avoided. Including:

1). Not believing in skincare until you are older

Truth be told, your skin starts aging once you reach your mid-20s. Which is why jumping on the skin-health bandwagon and taking preventive measures are extremely crucial.

2). Caring about our makeup more than the skin

Without a flawless base to start with, no matter what foundation or mascara we use, we will always be dissatisfied with the results if our skin isn’t glowing from underneath.

3). Spending hours in front of the mirror with hundreds drained from our bank account

This is the perfect example of a quick, temporary fix. Sure, when you apply a moisturiser, you’ll results for the next 12-24 hours - but that’s about it.


OMONO at a Glance



We all know that great skincare comes from the inside-out, and OMONO recognizes this undeniable truth - which is why they have specifically developed this product into a powder-sachet that can be added to any drink, once a day.

The product’s formulation is packed full of the most exclusive nutrients your skin will soak up and adore. Including astaxanthin for natural UV protection to prevent sun damage and shrink wrinkles; hyaluronic acid and elastin to keep your skin supple, smooth and soft; collagen and biotin to promote radiance and elasticity; and l-cystine to detoxify your complexion. Greater skin is just one drink away.

And once you start using OMONO as part of your daily beauty routine, you will start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks. This fuss-free method of boosting the skin’s hydration and elasticity with age-prevention will leave you craving for


Skincare Without Fuss

Imagine being able to add OMONO into your morning routine, and instantly replace all those half-empty vials and cream bottles cluttering up your bathroom. OMONO gives you a complete anti-aging and beauty formula which is absorbed into your body and delivered straight to your skin.



True beauty comes with astonishing simplicity, and it is absolutely incredible to fathom that this is all from one little powder drink.

And so, if you need really perfect skin - then this is for you.



(You may also visit the brand’s Instagram by clicking here)



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