Have you ever dreamt of becoming a business tycoon? Well, we’ve all been there. But the path to glory in the business world is not for the faint-hearted. Unrivaled vision, unmatched innovation, shear resolve, and strong guts are the ingredients of success. The journey is time-consuming, so patience is equally important. Lanard Harris, CEO of Fine Wine Entertainment, who inherited all these traits in his supreme DNA, has set out on a path to greatness that only a few can dream of.  

Lanard knew that music and electronic media are the way to go in this modern world of Millennials, so he founded Fine Wine Entertainment, LLC in 2015 with the vision of giving new dimensions to the industry. Among many other things that the company houses, music publishing, television and film production, merchandising, and real estate development are the mainstay. With premium-quality work, the company has raised the bar in the industry.  

After stepping into the world of business, Lanard has never looked back. For him, the only way is forward, and he wants to expand his empire. Having conquered the world of music and tv, Lanard Harris now hopes to make his mark in the fashion industry. He opened a shoe apparel company in 2020 to bring his creativity into the fashion world. Since then, he has revolutionized the industry with his inventive and radical thinking.  

Lanard has always been an admirer of exquisite clothing and shoes. So, he knows what is required to satiate the desires of Millennials. Master artisans make each pair of handmade shoes in Italy using only the best Italian leather. Each designer pair is unique, blending handcrafting history, quality, and current style to create an authentically Italian product. COGNAC is a high-end shoe brand that has established its own identity. The company always aims to set new trends in the market. The brand provides huge diversity, and the styles offered never go out of fashion. The luxury and premium feel while wearing these masterpieces is what makes customers happy.  

Building a business empire is not an easy task. Lanard has shown the world that if you are true to your goals and possess sheer will, nothing is impossible. Talent and hard work make a lethal combination, and Mr. Harris’s success story is an excellent example of it. He is a role model for all the youngsters trying to achieve their dreams.  Lanard Harris companies entered into a strategic marketing monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.   


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