We’ve all been there. Trying to refill a countertop mounted soap dispenser without creating a huge mess. Ugh! I’ve got the best household hack that makes this job so much better!

Top Soap is the first easy refill system that quickly and easily refills without the mess. It features eco-friendly pouches (less waste!) and an easy-pour spout that fits deep inside to avoid spills and overflow onto the counter. It’s an affordable, must-have addition to your cleaning supplies stock, available in a dish or moisturizing hand soap.

Easier is Better
Refill Your Countertop Soap Dispenser
With This Must-Have System With one in every four households having a countertop soap dispenser unit, the chore of refilling the soap can be tricky. Now, there’s a new standard that will never have you filling up that dispenser the old way again!

Top Soap is the first and only system that solves the age-old problem of refilling the soap in a hassle-free way for mounted countertop dispensers. It comes with two affordable soap options - dish or moisturizing hand soap. It’s vital in our COVID-19 times when thoroughly washing hands is so vital.

The nozzle is the magic that makes Top Soap innovative. It extends past the narrow neck of the dispenser, allowing the air from the bottle to escape so there is no bubble up. Soap is delivered directly to the bottle, in the right amount, without any mess. No need to crawl under the counter either. Brilliant!

Simply remove the pump, insert the spout and squeeze in the top-quality dish soap or moisturizing hand soap. The easy pour spout fits deep inside to avoid spills, and the easy refill pouch is sized just right so you won’t overflow onto your counter. Now you can quickly and easily refill without the mess.

At-A-Glance Features:
  • Easy pour spout goes down directly into the soap bottle below the counter to help prevent spills.
  • Each Top Soap pouch is pre-measured to perfectly fill sink-mounted countertop soap dispensers, preventing, overflow
  • Top Soap Dish Soap: Attacks grease and hard to clean surface stains like coffee so you can wash even the toughest stains with ease
  • Top Soap Moisturizing Hand Soap: Our all-natural, unscented, aloe-based formula is gentle on your hands but tough on grime.
  • For those that don’t have a refill system, simply keep the eco-friendly pouches at your countertop
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Price: $5.99 (1-pack refill pouch); $23.96 (4-pack refill pouches); $2 (replacement nozzle)

About Top Soap:

Top Soap is the first easy refill system for countertop mounted soap dispensers. Eliminate wasteful spills and make the chore of refilling a breeze. Choose from dish or hand moisturizing soap, insert the patented nozzle, and let Top Soap do the rest. Available for homeowners and resellers, including plumbing distributors, sink and faucet sellers, and countertop manufacturers. Follow them on Facebook.

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