Alpaca Couture, one of the first Alpaca Fashion Designers in the U.S. is incorporating rare North American alpaca fabrics into couture.

 Alpaca Couture - outfit

There is a strong resurgence to utilizing natural fibers in fashion and the natural, comforting and warm alpaca is favored. The majority of alpaca products and animals thrive in their mother lands of Peru. Limited quantities are available in the U.S. making the Alpaca Couture line exclusively unique. Alpaca Couture will generate demand for alpaca fashion and ultimately change perceptions of the fiber, raising its status and gravitas beyond that of cashmere and merino.

The creation of several collections are in production and The Alpaca Couture’s fashionable designs are making limited quantities designs available to men and women in the U.S.Success of this endeavor supports the U.S. Alpaca Farming Industry.

Alpaca Couture is one of the first to incorporate a percentage of these non-imported fabrics into its electrifying product line. Alpaca Couture’s collections consist of highly desirable pieces for both men and women, and will draw upon the exceptional natural qualities and durability of prized alpaca fibers.

Decorated Welsh Designer, Antonella Commatteo, teamed up with grass-roots Rancher and Alpaca Industry Consultant, Wade Von Giessen, to create this forward thinking company.  

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 Alpaca Couture - Gown

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