Are you a fan of the impeccably talented Fano? Are you also a fan of NFTs? If you are, it’s time to get excited about where this artist is taking his artistic talents next!

NFTs have started to make their mark on our digital world as contemporary technology and art continue to fuse. With such striking popularity changing the way that audiences perceive, buy, and sell art, it’s no surprise that artist Fano has decided to explore this exciting area with his own NFT collection.


Fano: delving into a career in art

Fano first found his artistic passion after falling in love with his wife, exploring fashion, opening stores, and discovering art in further detail. Developing tastes in sophisticated French fashion and stand-out wall sculptures, Fano easily exemplifies his dedication to portraying bold styles. Even experimenting with interior design, Fano has now decided to experience a project from conception to execution in digital forms.

Since Fano sees art as a vital form of personal expression, it’s no surprise that he is eager to take on this technological modern art form. With anything on the street having the ability to spark inspiration in this artist, there is no doubt that this highly anticipated collection will ooze the creativity which Fano lives for.

Being particularly skilful in discovering precise volumes, colour, and angles within any masterpiece he approaches, we can expect Fano’s new collection to mirror his care and energy in the form of powerful emotion.

So, what is Funky Bear Club all about?

Being released at the end of April 2022, Fano’s new NFT collection, otherwise known as Funky Bear Club, is this artist’s latest project. With this collection, money is able to be generated on non-fungible tokens for life. Simply, the more the token sells, the more sellers can generate royalties.  Yet, the benefits don’t stop there. Lucky owners of these highly sought-after collection pieces will also be able to have ownership over a piece of a new song made by a famous DJ. Those who invest large quantities in this new and exciting project will be offered the opportunity to construct their very own custom art piece. These people will even have the honour to collaborate with Fano himself! This is not a chance that should be ignored, especially as these lucky investors will get the opportunity to work on creative projects behind future collaborations. This will allow people to delve deeper into the possibilities of NFTs.

The future of Fano

Fano dreams of combining his talents in art with his interest in fashion. However, his second dream of never being stopped from working on his artistic passion is surely strengthened with the introduction of this NFT collection. Constantly improving his bold approach to contemporary art, Fano continues to build up his passion, adapting to modern technology to get his name known. Therefore, it’s certainly worth staying updated on April’s NFT collection release to see what Fano can offer you as an artist!


Follow Fano:

IG: @funky_bear_club






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