Pop quiz: what is your body's largest and fastest-growing organ? It's your skin! Apart from keeping your blood and guts from leaking out, skin regulates your body temperature and protects you from a variety of external hazards. Long story short, your skin is pretty darn important.

Arcenet Belle

As we enter the age of wearable tech, fitness and health-related gadgets that can monitor heartbeat and track your workouts abound. Fitbit and Apple Watch are great for giving users a glimpse of their overall health, but despite physically touching it to get a reading, none of these wearables are monitoring your skin.

ArcenetSmart has devised a portable gadget that can monitor a user's skin condition and surroundings to give them an instant snapshot of their largest organ's health and tips for how to improve it.

Getting a skincare reading with BELLE is as simple as touching the device to your face and opening up the companion smartphone app, compatible with both Android and iOS.

It's similar in size and shape to a makeup compact, has a vibration motor and LED light ,and is available in two color combinations: gold or rose gold.


After getting a reading from the BELLE device, the app displays a user's estimated "skin age" and “beauty scores” It even tracks a woman's the daily calories output.  It then gives personalized beauty tips based on the data it collects. For dry skin, it might notify a user to drink more water and apply extra moisturizer.

Big data for beauty

As it learns more about a user's unique environment and skin condition, BELLE also makes product recommendations. In the beginning, they will be based on data collected from fellow users .

A lot of women in the world trust cosmetic brands and are interested in women's beauty tips and skincare routine. ArcenetSmart’s next mission is to introduce skincare products that are customized to a user's unique skin profile."

The ArcenetSmart team wants to share its creation with women around the world, so they chose to launch an Indiegogo campaingn to gauge interest.

You can get your own BELLE at a discounted early bird 40% off price of $69, which the startup says will ship in July.
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Arcenet Belle

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