What will happen to the global layout of women's wear in the next two years? Our observation indicates that in the layout of the premise of relative stability, there will be a number of niche brands. While the COVID-19 will continue to spread, big brands will have to pay high operating costs and get lower profits. Instead, these niche brands will be able to increase sales by targeting, flexible decision-making and extensive use of social media. Looking at the sales figures of these niche brands in 2020 and combined with their brand marketing strategies, we can tell which niche brands have the most potential and will grow significantly in the years ahead.


Nanushka: Make leather coats environmentally friendly and stylish

The first is Hungarian niche brand Nanushka, which has quickly become a leading brand in the field of environmentally friendly women's wear by launching a Vegan leather line in Europe that rejects animal leather.


 Vegan leather is made from PVC, PU and natural materials such as cork, pineapple skin and so on. In addition to using environmentally sustainable materials, they also produce 85% of their products locally in Hungary, which reduces the carbon footprint in the process. In Europe, where environmentalism prevails, Nanushka's brand positioning and environmental activism have helped them capture the market quickly. Hailey, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna have become their loyal customers.


Totême: Making luxurious necessities

Founded in 2014 by Swedish fashion bloggers and creative directors Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, Totême has the same mentality as Nanushka. Totême focuses on making "luxurious necessities."As Scandinavian winds sweep across the globe, Totême, a six-year-old brand, is expected to have revenues of $24 million with a 26% profit margin, 45% of its revenues through online direct sales. Totême mines the needs of working women and sets unit prices within their budget. Past income data has vindicated their position and strategies.


For the next two years, Totême says it will continue to focus on meeting consumers’ demands, not accepting outside capital for more flexible design, and will also target China and open a flagship store on Tmall. The future of Totême is worth looking forward to.


The Mo Lab: Targeting the elite women in China

The Mo Lab, a small group of Chinese women's clothing brand, is also worth noticing. From the brand concept of " Embrace wisdom with beauty ", we can see that they focus on the workplace to elite women. Abandoning the stereotype of business wear, so that professional women can also be stylish. It is an important reason for them to quickly open the market.


From an objective point of view, The Mo Lab has just made up for the lack of stylization of the women's clothing market in China, with sales of about 20 million yuan a year after its establishment. The Mo Lab has been recommended by over 1,000 bloggers on The Little Red Book, a popular shopping and sharing platform in China and has attracted the attention of many women elite in China.

The Mo Lab is not only in China, but also active overseas. Over 400 bloggers have recommended their products on Instagram. Projects in two cities, St. Petersburg and Berlin, have generated huge repercussions. It is clearly a sign of their arrangement to open up market overseas, but there is no available sales data at this moment.


Altuzarra: Providing emotional value for urban beauty

Altuzarra's breakthrough lies in the brand's appeal and emotional value for consumers. As their design reveals, individual ability and professionalism do not have to rely on suits, choosing the best clothes for the right occasion is the essence of professional women. Kamala Harris, the US vice president, is a fan of Altuzarra.

 Altuzarra presents the image of a working urban beauty who is on vacation. Suits, irregular skirts and straw shoes are the most common elements. Even in formal suits, the designer also features crisscross belts, elastic stitching waist designs, and sleeves with fine buckles that accentuate curves and quality.


Cecilie Bahnsen: The Healing Power of Fairy Tales

Another niche brand that uses its appeal to drive growth is Cecilie Bahnsen from Denmark. In September 2020, Cecilie Bahnsen was first inducted into the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week, and they reignited the fashion world's attention after being shortlisted for the LVMH Design Awards in 2017. In 2020, Cecilie Bahnsen wisely used the topic of "Disney Princess on the Run" to enter the Chinese consumer's vision. Cecilie Bahnsen has a strong female color, making good use of white to create a romantic atmosphere. The healing power of fairy tales coincides with the image of "Disney Princess on the Run." 


 Cecilie Bahnsen has no online or offline store in China, but over 1,000 people have already worn Cecilie Bahnsen as "Disney Princesses."Cecilie Bahnsen says they're willing to slow down, think about how to deliver the products with consumers’ needs, and fight fast fashion with good design. Cecilie Bahnsen has a good chance to breakthrough, as fast fashion fades over the next two years.


Peter Do: Using Social Media to Get Ahead of the Market

Finally, Peter Do, which referred by many women as their "Power Suit," is growing fast on social media. Earning the LVMH Graduate Prize when the brand was born, with sales of $500,000 in the first quarter. In marketing, Peter Do adepts at using social media to connect with customers, which is a smart way to reach new consumer groups. "I don't go out very often," says Peter Do, for example. "I just work, cook, watch movies, play with my cat, and respond to personal messages on instagram."That's how they build a strong relationship with the brand's fans, and they're building a community of exclusive brands.


They also often share their design process, make the production chain more transparent, or even make the 2021 spring/summer series on Instagram, which helped them gain market advantage when the epidemic was almost entirely eliminated.

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