Fashion Meets Technology - The Beauty of Performance Gear:

Notwithstanding the fact that the sports industry is highly developed with research devoted to figuring out the limits of the human body, how nutrition can impact performance, and how precision equipment can advance the effects of exercise even further, there is also another aspect that enhances athletes' performance, and that is fashion. When we say 'fashion,’ we don't mean fashion tips on what to wear or what not to wear on your first date when you meet people online and need to impress them in person, but we do mean clothing that makes working out or competing in sports more effective.




Thanks to numerous technological advancements, fabrics have been developed that positively impact the athletes' results and make the difference either on the court/field or at the gym where pros and mere mortals alike train to bring their bodies to the optimal level of functioning or performing. Today, we look at this unlikely fashion-technology duo that has made its way to literally every sports gear manufacturer's design process.

#1: Body Care and Well-being

We've never been so focused on body care and overall well-being as we have in the past several years, and this goes for the men too, and their increased sense of aesthetics. With a never-before-seen number of people playing sports, going to the gym or running the marathon, it’s no wonder that the equipment they use to do so has never been more advanced, and that goes for the clothing as well.

If it’s cold outside, there are super-light jackets that will keep you dry and warm, and if it’s really hot, most performance tops will dry off in a matter of minutes, absorbing sweat and releasing your heat into the atmosphere in the process. Even accessories or items never before associated with sports, such as underwear or socks, are designed to facilitate your workout or enhance pro-athlete performance.The Beauty of Performance Gear

#2:  Fabric Performance

What we’re talking about here isn’t just what we can train our bodies to do, but what activewear brands can design clothing to ‘do.' For instance, there are collections of men's tights on the market that come with compressions from hips to ankles, moving seamlessly with the body.

The fabric keeps body heat in check and improves circulation, which prevents tingling in the legs following an activity. Most of the materials that go into designing sports clothing offer extra protection, comfort, and are waterproof and breathable. The fibers that are incorporated into the fabrics don't wash out and improve evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable as you push your body to the limits. The Beauty of Performance Gear.

#3: All-round Sneakers

Last but definitely not least, most brands are in this make-the-best-possible-sneakers race, much like Apple and Samsung are always trying to outdo each other with their next generation of smartphones. Most sneakers that you get to buy in sports stores nowadays are breathable on all sides, something a dear friend has once dubbed 'the sock sneakers.'

Although they look like they're made of sock-like fabrics, these sneakers are not only durable, but they also prevent the accumulation of moisture, the breakout of blisters, and feature little capsules that store and unleash energy every time your feet touch the ground! The Beauty of Performance Gear.



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