Lindsey Mallon, designer and founder of luxury fashion brand Nadjarina, is bringing awareness to the fashion industry with a conscious approach to design.


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Mallon’s line is conceptualized in a way that reflects women in society today: dynamic, independent and progressive.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, every piece focuses on socially ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable practices. Mallon’s designs are fashion forward as well as socially innovative, as she pushes boundaries in both fields. She believes that luxury and style shouldn't sacrifice ethos and ethos shouldn't sacrifice luxury.

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Mallon always knew she wanted to work in fashion. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island School of Design, she moved to New York City where she worked several jobs in the fashion industry to learn more about design, development, and production.

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After some time in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Mallon moved to the paradoxical paradise that is Los Angeles, a city that balances both natural and urban living.

As for her inspiration, reflecting on her personal journey through life, Mallon designs her exquisite clothes with the mindset of women empowerment and sustainability, looking toward the future of the industry.

As a mother, creative thinker and businesswoman herself, her designs are made to be avant-garde and contemporary while still being functional for everyday life. Mallon designs her clothes to embody the power of the modern woman: she takes care of the home, the children, she’s a self-sufficient powerhouse who carves her own path.

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With a variety of silks, pleats, ruffles, fringes and angular cuts, Nadjarina is a line that has a bi-coastal aesthetic, striking equilibrium of bold, East Coast confidence and effortless West Coast tendencies.

Like the ideal Nadjarina woman, her clothes are progressive and fearless, yet tasteful and classy. Nadjarina is the epitome-- the quintessential example-- of passionate, bold expression through art, and this brand is taking the fashion world by storm.

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