Miami Modest Fashion Week is a Fashion Week that is Beyond the Runway. It focuses on ETHICS, CULTURE & INNOVATION through Fashion Shows, Art exhibitions, Trade, and Education.


A Fashion Week that is dedicated to a Business of Fashion- Less Skin Revealing & Spreading A Positive Lifestyle Concept.

On Sunday, March 27th, 2022, “Rebirth and Beloved Edition 1” was born. A SOFT launch occurred for the upcoming 3rd Year of Miami Modest Fashion Week while echoing an awareness and charity event towards HUMANITY dedicated to the UKRAINIAN People via their collaboration with The Third Wave Volunteers.


Photo credit: Julian Osorio


The intimate event was sponsored by Mana Fashion and was launched at the Mana Common in downtown Miami. The event coincided with the Miami Ultra Music Festival, in Biscayne Bay Park in downtown Miami. The concert was packed with over 150,000 fans from all over the world.

“Keep in mind that Ultra Miami Music is very much a “no-judgment zone”, and with that being said, wearing what makes them feel comfortable is key, especially considering the Miami heat and a full day of dancing. “ reported BY NICOLE PEPE via WeRAVEYOU

Miami is The American Rivera. Because it is known as a skin revealing city, the less skin revealing fashion by Miami Modest Fashion Week in 2019 was unexpected by most. However, those who take the time to understand Miami Modest Fashion Week will realize that there are deeper meanings in this unique and innovative FAITH VALUE FASHION Concept that has many opportunities to be explored.

“The thriving $227 billion-dollar market has cemented its place in the American retail landscape with the inaugural Miami Modest Fashion Week in 2019. Fast forward to 2021. You know a fashion trend has arrived when it is being promoted by the United States diplomatic mission in Italy! - via Forbes by Stephan Rabimov

Norsham Mohamad Garcia, the producer of the event, opened by welcoming Dr. Alison Thompson, the founder of the Third Wave foundation through an IG Livestream, where Dr. Thompson was in Ukraine with her team to help the refugees.

Rebirth and Beloved By The Connector Group Collection — an upcycled sustainable fashion that showcases beautiful Modest Wear collections from different countries was the opening brand that will become the mascot of the Third Year Event. Other designers included anchor designers Nora Sahraoui, Jeny Tjhayawati, and Victoria Andreyanova, who never failed to wow the audiences with their unique and memorable collections. The newcomer is Sandra Reeves, a Chinese- Malaysian born, currently based in Perth; a designer that has had several collaborations including with the Australian Aborigines Artists and Dato Jimmy Choo; the original founder of Jimmy Choo Shoes.

The event also featured emerging and established local and international brands including, Elizabeth Sutton, a power designer-influencer, millennial “mompreneur”, and a Miami and New York City-based fine art designer. She was included in Forbes’ inaugural ‘Next 1000’ list of top up-and-coming American entrepreneurs, dubbed “the artist and designer to know right now.”

Taytta Hats, an exquisite hat brand made by over 400 artisans from Ecuador, also made its first appearance during the event. Currently, the company is producing Exclusive Limited Edition hats for Miami Modest Fashion Week. Up and coming, Haute Cottage In The Woods, a local Miami-based company also had its first taste at the pop-up trade show during the event.

The event also featured three dynamite unorthodox guest speakers to help the audience understand the richness of MODEST FASHION, especially in America. The honorary guest speaker was Tobi Rubeinstein, a Rabbi that just did her Runway walk in Paris, a former Victoria Secret Designer and the Best-Selling Author of The House of Faith and Fashion. An articulate professor, and the director of Fashion Merchandising at St. Thomas University, Ashlee Rzyczycki has been a strong supporter in voicing the importance of nurturing ethical leaders through fashion. Marthu Morgan-Freeman is a Fashion Professor and Miami women entrepreneur that actively promotes Fashion of Business, founder of Fashion Talk Miami and the author of the book called GET THE HELL OUT before she joined Mana Fashion as a Director.

 The closing of the event ended with an avant-garde runway walk of a wearable art collection by Celia Leron, a Cuban Miami-based artist-designer. The outfit was made from upcycled hats and was displayed at the Kennedy Center in 2019.



   Photo credit: Julian Osorio


In conclusion, the glimpse of the Soft Launch recently showed how Miami is culturally diverse and vibrantly united via fashion. The overarching concepts carved by Norsham Mohamad Garcia, the

architect of Miami Modest Fashion Week, champion the importance of people understanding their DNA and Culture through fashion, particularly in MODEST FASHION. This is a valuable industry not to be Misunderstood.

Miami Modest Fashion Week still continues hosting ongoing Rebirth & Beloved events around Florida and other locations soon before the official release of the Third Year event, which will be announced soon 

  • MEDIA PARTNER: Full Coverage by Cultured Focus Magazine

  • SUPPORTED BY: Dama School and Agency, Festives ChickPeas,St Thomas University, Miami ARAK, Global Youth and Women Modest Group, Women Supporting Women Florida, Florida Fashion Showcase Makeup Team by Shirah Klein and Iris Aguilar at Liz Glam.

  • PRESENTS & PRODUCED BY: The Connector Group & Agency LLC
  • The Connector Group & Agency is a boutique full-service STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTANT AND DEVELOPMENT agency that works collaboratively with private, public companies, and government agencies globally. The agency has been established in Miami Beach, Florida USA in 2009.

ABOUT MIAMI MODEST FASHION WEEK : The FIRST Modest Fashion Week in the USA. The organization was established in 2019 and based in Miami. We are about ETHICS, CULTURE, EDUCATION & INNOVATION. We are a fashion week platform that is dedicated towards MODEST FASHION & LIFESTYLE; Fashion, Art, Trade & Education (F.A.T.E). | Instagram |  Twitter | Facebook


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