Two nomadic fabric explorers create an online frenzy with their entirely sustainable fashion brand, Là Fuori. The newly launched label offers meticulously handcrafted womenswear from cultures around the world. La Fuori was born 'out there' and is deeply rooted in ethics and environmental consciousness.



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Vidur Adlakha and Riccardo Benedini’s chance encounter in Shanghai was the beginning that would set them to embark on this journey to follow their shared passion for organic fashion, travel, and textiles. Together, they founded Là Fuori and emboldened the community to "get out of their expected borders and cross new horizons".


Vidur, an art lover and designer, began his career by working with haute-couture designers in India and Rome where he found his love for embroideries and rich textiles. His evolvement in business has taken him into the road of creating, exploring, sourcing, and managing. An intricate fusion of his ventures to bring about what is now the realization of Là Fuori.


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Before Là Fuori, Riccardo was a broker of ancient artifacts in Venice, Italy. As an architecture enthusiast, he was involved in the restoration of the Floating City. For several years, he lived on a small classic yacht where he hosted many cultural events. This adventurous lifestyle also enabled him to sail throughout the world and discover all its rich heritage.


Headquartered in NYC, Là Fuori's mission is to bring people together through a mutual appreciation of aesthetics and travel. The lifestyle sustainable fashion line celebrates diversity in the most meaningful way. By employing local underprivileged women artisans, Là Fuori leads by example. With each product, those women share their inspirational stories, bringing social awareness. “Our artisans are mothers who weave the fabric of life, tenacious dreamers advocate of their own destiny.” The brand constantly strives to empower women, giveback to rural traditions, and safeguard artisanship worldwide. "We travel to bring our customers to caress the rough hands of an elderly lady who weaves silk in her secret garden."


Their products range from handmade travel accessories to eco-friendly handwoven bamboo grass bags. Using sustainable techniques primarily inspired by diverse cultural art, the organic fabric embroidered with silk creates an extremely comfortable material. The decorative patterns give an elegant and unique contemporary design blending the traditional with the modern.Là Fuori is at the Forefront of Sustainable Fashion



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"Working towards our goals on sustainability and our love for the environment, we envision ourselves working hands-on with organic fabrics, dyes, and elements to make this world a better place," Adlakha says.


La Fuori’s upcoming 2-day virtual event in December centers around their Vietnamese-inspired collection launch. A launch, that is a first of its kind to be simulcast live in 3 different continents: USA, Europe & Asia. See you “Out there, on the road”. For more information visit



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