After a brief hiatus from the music world due to loss of passion, indie music luminary Jode Gannon made a triumphant return to the stage at Leinster House in Portugal, marking his first gig back in Europe in 2024. With a new music manager, Gary Hulme, by his side, Jode is ready to reignite his musical career and continue to push boundaries in the indie music realm.


Jode Gannon's musical journey began in 2015 with his debut album, "3 Hours," a genre-defying blend of indie rock, folk, and alternative influences. Collaborating with producer Ric Laurance, the album showcased Jode's unique voice and fearless approach to songwriting. The release garnered critical acclaim and set the stage for a promising career in music.

In 2016, Jode's sonic prowess continued to evolve with the release of "Care Factor Zero" under Animal Farm Records. The album's lead single, "Little Honey," topped the Australian charts for three weeks, solidifying Jode's place as a rising star in the indie music scene. The album showcased Jode's ability to push musical boundaries and explore new sonic territories with confidence and creativity.

By 2023, Jode had signed with Kleine Records and released the singles “Don't Let the Fire Go Out” and “Breathe in,” further expanding his musical horizons. Embracing modern dance-pop influences while maintaining the raw emotional depth that defines his music, Jode continued to captivate audiences with his unique sound and compelling storytelling.


Gannon's music has also been featured in major films and TV series, thanks to a lucrative publishing deal with New York company Dewolfe Music, further solidifying his global impact in the music industry.

Despite his success on the global stage, Gannon remains rooted in his indie roots, playing for large and intimate crowds and headlining festivals such as the BBC Stage at the Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival, Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and Boardmasters. His performances are filled with raw emotion and authenticity, captivating audiences with his magnetic stage presence and compelling storytelling. He has played in various countries around the world, including America, England, Scotland, Croatia, Portugal, Dubai, and Australia

Jode's tattoos, symbols of identity and passion, reflect the depth and authenticity of his music. Through his storytelling and melodic compositions, Jode Gannon has carved out a unique place for himself in the indie music landscape, leaving a lasting impact on audiences around the world.

As Jode Gannon takes the stage at Leinster House in Alvor, Portugal, fans and critics alike are eager to see what he has in store for the future. With his unwavering dedication to his craft and his commitment to pushing boundaries, Jode is poised to continue making waves in the indie music scene and inspiring audiences with his heartfelt music and captivating performances.

Jode is set to release his latest single “Wings” later this year.



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