When it comes to fashion, the world of music can offer interesting personalities that generate inspiration. Saulo Oliveira S., also known as the Prince of Rock, is a British-Brazilian musician from the alternative Rock scene who, in addition to expressing himself by composing his songs, also does so through his clothing. His street style, for example, speaks volumes.

Standing six feet tall and being a former model who worked in conceptual photo shoots between 2017 and 2019, Saulo Oliveira displays a slender and elegant silhouette that, combined with the soft and well-designed features of his face with golden proportions, awakens attention.

And despite having a physique that looks great in any type of clothing, in any colour or fabric, the rock star prefers the discretion of an increasingly growing trend: quiet luxury. 

Several musical personalities are notable for their bold and flashy style of dressing, from Elvis Presley, and Elton John to Kiss. But, it seems, the days of feathers, sequins and shiny jackets are behind us.

Yet this minimalist and clean movement lived by Saulo Oliveira is not exclusive to him, the general population has endorsed this perspective and the number of those who are head-to-toe black is growing. It is undeniable that the colour black contributes to a slimmer silhouette, and, at the same time - and this is one of the arguments that stands out in this style of dressing - the biggest advantage is practicality.

From 2022 onwards, Saulo Oliveira began to gain more notoriety after the release of the acclaimed EP, worthy of full marks, “Prince of Rock”. And, proving that he is not just a commercial face, Oliveira delivered lyrics that address complex, philosophical, urban and reflective themes, all packaged in an amalgam of entrancing melodies.

It couldn't be any different, part of the sophistication of Oliveira's repertoire comes from his questioning profile and thirst for knowledge. Saulo attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, where his law degree comes from. Oliveira also graduated from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences with a degree in Arts and Design from a course in which the study was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and the 19th Century Orchestra.

Style is something personal and the beauty of minimalism has reached a wider audience. Saulo Oliveira is proof that to be cool, sexy and stylish you don't need many vibrant colours and tones.

One could argue that dark clothes give a common tone that can be easily replicated by anyone. However, with talent and authenticity like Saulo's, the best outfit he is covered with is his genius and the head adornment that gives him the honorary title of Rock royalty, he is the only one wearing it.








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