Iris Van Herpen- a name that resonates with talent and radical thoughts; makes sure to outshine her contemporaries on the runways. She is full of amazement and continues to push boundaries with her collections that exude sheer amalgamation of dreamy reality and bodily delight.


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Her latest Fashion Tech Collection at Paris Haute Couture week was no less a startling treat for eyes. Held on July 1st, 2019 at Elysee Montmartre in Paris, the show just reached its peak with her ‘Hypnosis’ collection that left everyone stunned with her artistry marvel.

Inspired by hypnotic manifolds within our ecological system that has peculiarly been presented in the work of American artist Anthony Howe, her work defines a subtle collaboration of three-dimensional cyclical harmony of Howe’s kinetic sculptures. The exemplary masterpieces from her creation depicted a fine-tuning of handwork techniques with digital technology.

The collection and model find their portal in the meditative movement of the ‘Omniverse’ that encircles the state of hypnosis.

Plucking up the symbols from nature and environment, she presents a hypnotic visualization of nature’s tapestry through ‘The Hypnosis’. Rhythms of life and its consistent dissection can be pictured very clearly through the fragility within the interwoven worlds that did the parade on the runway.

With 19 silhouettes flowing in beguiling fashion and veiled in transparencies, the ‘Hypnosis’ denoted the revival of the ancient silk moiré weaving technique, pretty much capable in linking to the illusory nature of human perception.

The multilayered luminous organza spheres in the ‘Epicycle’ summon the relationship between surface and substance through the illusory patterns wrapped into each other infinitely. This again gives an epicurean sight to behold besides aiding the aesthetics of the art to fly high.

Garments of the ‘Suminagashi’ radiate the revered art of Japanese floating ink on water. The garments are lasercut into liquid lines of dyed silk, heat-bonded onto transparent tulle which imparts it the talent to ostensibly and impeccably flow over the skin.

Speaking of the ‘Dichotomy’ looks takes one back to the imaginative dreamy ocean of ripples, for the laser-printed, heat-bonded and lasercut contra positive waves that are articulated in dissected curve get the final touch by being pressed onto hundreds of ripple-like panels. These curves ebb and flow in a delicate swell of meticulously hand-stitched silk organza.

Professor Phillip Beesley collaborated in the development of the ‘Hypnosis’ technique, which can be described as ten of thousands of plottercut mini ripples which dissect the dress continuously through each movement of the body. This reveals the skin in between the whimsical spheroid patterns. Duchesse-satin with print detail is plottercut into thousands of 0.8 mm exquisite waves interlinked and designed to move so fast that human eyes would definitely miss a match.

Iris van Herpen AW1920 Look 18

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