For years people have pushed the boundaries of fashion. Straight fashion designers have always had a desire to pursue the future of breaking the glass ceiling in fashion. Our style and choices make fashion so powerful, it speaks volumes, yet people still question if fashion can make the world a better place.



This burning question is exactly what set the tone for the foundation of a fashion-tech startup, ThunderLily, to create real change in the fashion industry. Thunderlily’s platform creates numerous pathways for designers to incorporate technology into their process and into their designs.

Many fashion tech apps and services have been introduced to us before. What’s different about Thunderlily, is that they consult with designers to bring technology into their creations. Designers are both a part of the beginning process and finishing touches.


Thunderlily is a group of artists and engineers, who are dedicated to expanding the future of fashion and technology. In 2009, Clare Tattersall, the founder of, Thunderlily, knew she could make the world a better place by merging the two. That’s how the software was born, merging designs and sales is now a new thing of the future!


The software brings such an amazing virtual experience for designers, that it was named one of, Columbia University Tech Venture’s portfolio startups. After 10 years of being in the business, Thunderlily still provides workshops for young designers. The workshops provided give each of the designers the chance to explore engineering and technology within their straight fashion designers.


“Working with middle and high school children is so exciting,” says Tattersall.


“They pick up ideas really fast and understand how technology is at the root of creating change, from creating clothes that use sensors to providing us with information about our environment to exploring bio-fabrication”.


Coding and engineering has been a major platform to show that young girls can be tech geeks too. It’s not all just a boys game anymore, and Thunderlily is all about promoting that message. The workshops implement traditional fashion design lessons with cutting-edge coding and engineering technology.


The future for wearable fashion technology is within the hands of each young designer, that completes a workshop. To think about the possibilities of an everlasting fashion-tech merge, and how it can enhance your lifestyle is incredibly inspiring straight fashion designers.


Just to make things even cooler, Thunderlily also has a summer camp for girls every July. The goal is to ensure that these young women become the future of coding, engineering, fashion, and technology.

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