If you are a cool, platinum blonde who has tried purple shampoo products to care for your silvery treasure, you’ve probably noticed that they can often dry out your hair and scalp. How annoying! You have spent time and money on achieving a bright, vibrant look and you want to take care of it – maintaining that gorgeous color while preserving your hair and scalp health.


Is it possible? Yes! And here is where Cento Uno Platinum Blonde products come to the rescue.


Unlike other anti-yellow shampoos on the market, Cento Uno (CU) Platinum Blonde Shampoo & Masque will never accumulate in your hair or dry it out. In fact, both products contain a revolutionary moisturizing formula that infuses lightened hair with both shine and strength, all the while neutralizing any brassy or yellow tones. CU hair care products bring out a beautiful, cool platinum tint every time. What’s even more exciting is that the remarkable quality of this hair care line makes it possible to maintain your cool shade of blonde for up to six months at home – until your next visit to the salon. Very exciting, indeed.


How is this possible?

Mother Nature (in a creative partnership with Cento Uno). One very special ingredient in all of CU’s formulas is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. As you may already know, the Aloe plant has tremendous medicinal properties. It is considered one of the absolute best moisturizing agents on the planet since its unique ingredients can be absorbed by the skin for up to seven layers deep. Not only does it rid your hair and skin of dryness, it cleanses and detoxifies as well. Combine these powerful properties with all the other effective premium ingredients found in CU’s products and you have what will certainly become your signature shampoo and must-have masque. Cento Uno Platinum Blonde Shampoo and Cento Uno Platinum Blonde Masque are on a mission: to make sure your cool blonde and platinum tones always look like you are fresh from the salon. Both products were developed for the home care of your chemically-lightened hair. And they do wonders bringing forward any cool hues in natural blonde and gray hair as well. All CU products are formulated in partnership with Natural HP cosmetics company located in the mountains of Liguria, Italy. This beauty supply powerhouse is part of a third-generation family enterprise with a history of exceptional recipes for hair care products.

Cento Uno helps you keep your cool while you kiss the brass goodbye!






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