The fashion industry constantly seeks a “better” shopping experience to remove purchasing pain points and achieve higher ROI for the advertising spend. Tiltsta has been able to support leading brands with this demand by increasing customer engagement, increase sales and better customer targeting.



Tiltsta was established in Australia in 2016 and is made up of brilliant tech, fashion and user experience experts that are taking on this challenge to create a better mobile shopping experience. Tiltsta believes the shopping experience should be easy, entertaining, and foster impulse-buying. They’ve come up with the technology that provides mobile shopping solutions and creates mobile shoppable videos for leading brands and e-commerce sites, automatically connecting to major e-commerce systems including Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), Magento and Shopify. etc.

Tiltsta condenses long and complex mobile online shopping experiences into one simple fun and gamified shoppable video that leads seamlessly to a purchase. CEO and founder Bonny Morlak says, “We remove the friction between social media advertising campaigns all the way to the brand's checkout page. As a result, we see on average half the bounce rate and 10x products to cart.”

These shoppable videos can be made in seconds from video or image assets, selecting products and media direct from the brand's system. All pricing, variants are automatically packaged up into a delightful mobile shopping experience that brands then simply use instead of old-fashioned landing pages. Rich data further assists to promote, sell, engage and learn more about your customers.




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