The one thing that has kept the fashion emporia on its toes during the recent few years is ‘sustainability’ and we can’t agree more that innovation is the key that has for sure helped it come so far.


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In an age of circular economy where sustainability is the priority, a brand like Nilara seems like a ‘dream come true’ for every fashion aficionado. Talking of green design and environment-friendly products would thus be incomplete if the name of Nilara goes unmentioned. Nilara is a company run by a Maltese family and is about to complete its fifth anniversary. Malta might be a small Mediterranean Island on the global map, but the avenues led by this brand are making breakthroughs which might soon have global coverage.

A brainchild of the visionary N.Camilleri who debuted with a captivating eveningwear collection that rose to glory and acclaim in no time, Nilara stepped into sensational plus size range and touched hearts through its unique approach of celebrating women in all their forms.

‘Accommodation’ of all body types and celebrating individuality has been the brand vision which has led a new edge to Nilara. No wonder how its latest edition of 3-D printed bags exudes every bit of splendor, class, and artistry!

This latest line of bags named as ‘Aeternum’ is all about taking a leap into modish craftsmanship that collates the traditional aesthetics and revolutionary designs to offer an artistic and unique range of statement pieces that would make a timeless pick to update ‘that curious lady’s closet’.

Where on one end apparel brands are delivering on-demand and perfectly fitted products to consumers using 3-D printing, Nilara just steps in with a bang presenting its classic tailor-made handbags featuring 3-D printed designs.

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Every bag of this line is crafted from recyclable material including the strap as well, which depicts the sincerity of the brand to serve its clientele with customized solutions and yet in an unseen, unmatched style. The pioneering 3D prints on the bags exude novelty unseen and the exhilarating designs define the idiosyncratic brand taste.

Ready to amuse all fashionistas who think a class apart and dare to lead the unparalleled path; the collection is an amalgamation of sustainable design, innovation and cruelty-free creations in an ageless fashion. It’s just the right time; you get your hands on one of these fanciful carriers and let its texture leave a ceaseless imprint on the onlookers’ minds.

The rising interest of consumers in 3D printed products has led the entry of precision chemical companies of the likes BASF into the market to produce innovative filaments that support 3D printing needs of companies exploring out-of-the-box use cases.

3D printing produces just what is ordered and it allows brands to adapt the trends continuously and have the inventory just-in-time with no risk of stock. It offers freedom of design and also allows flexibility of altering the material properties. These effortlessly unique properties of 3D printing has made the high-end fashion designers achieve the desirable aesthetics and thus serve consumer satisfaction and so production in surplus amounts in a quantitatively consistent and affordable manner is now done in a jiffy.


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