Top Fashion Jewelry Styles in NYC:

The concrete jungle where dreams are made of —New York is home to dollar slices, Times Square, and of course, the iconic New Yorker fashion.

Being one of the city centers of fashion, you can never deny the impact and influence of New York as a trendsetter, especially when it comes to Top Fashion Jewelry Styles in NYC. The seasonal fashion shows and runway looks are a testament to how New York plays a huge role in elevating trends and making fads a thing of yesterday.

Top Fashion Jewelry Styles in NYC:

Curious about the most popular wholesale fashion jewelry styles and trends in New York City? Here are the most iconic trends that always grace the New York Fashion Week and capture the heart of every fashion jewelry owners:



  1. Chains and Paperclips

 We’ve already been seeing the chains and paperclip jewelry styles for quite a while now and it seems that this trend is still very much alive.

This jewelry type is one of the most versatile designs. Whether it’s applied on earrings, necklaces, or bracelets — it always achieves the right balance between edginess and class. Thanks to this, the links will continue to become a forefront of fashion jewelry styles.

 Jewelry designers also love playing with the standard chains and paperclip jewelry style. Creating the links on the thicker and heavy side makes for a great focal and standalone piece while slimming it down creates a piece of accent jewelry that can be layered.


  1. Itsy Bitsy Small Pieces

 A rage against the maximalism and bold, clunky jewelry designs, we’ve seen a rise of the mini-trend when it comes to fashion jewelry.

 A trend that was first introduced with bags, the mini-movement has now made its way to fashion jewelry designs. With the mini-trend, it’s all about the delicate, feminine pieces that gently accentuate your look and style.

 Aside from scaled-down jewelry, this trend is also about the wear-it-all attitude. Since the fashion jewelry pieces are minimal and small, you have a lot of room to add more pieces and layer without looking too heavy.

 Top fashion jewelry styles for this trend are ear cuffs, earrings, tier-layered necklaces, bracelet combinations, and stackable rings.


  1. Jewelry Charms

New York City is big on self-expression and uniqueness. What better way to hit two birds with one stone than jewelry charms?

You could probably remember that jewelry charms are so popular during the 90s up to the early 20s —and it’s all coming back on-trend. Aside from charm jewelry pieces being extremely fashionable, each charm also tells a different story.

Whether you want to express a symbol of luck, spirituality, love, or literally anything that connects with you, there’s a charm that symbolizes that. Plus, the rationale behind jewelry charms is so carefree that it doesn’t even matter if your charm mixes well together or not.

So you can resort to a single pendant charm or a cacophony of medallions —whatever it is, it will surely elevate your look.



  1. Architectural Jewelry

The concrete jungle is filled with all the architectural wonders of the world, so it’s no wonder that their skyscrapers and bridges made their way to their fashion.

Architectural jewelry pieces have been on the rise for quite some time and it’s only lately that New York fully embraced this trend. Jewelry pieces within this style can go anywhere between simplicity up to showstopper pieces.

We often see this design type on earrings and necklaces where the components of the pieces seem to defy gravity and other laws of physics.  Geometric patterns and styles are heavily used to accentuate the jewelry and the wearer.

This type of jewelry style also leans towards the metal finish and keeping things bare. There might be an embellishment or two, but it only serves as the backdrop and not the main focal point of the piece. For this fashion jewelry style, it’s all about the handiwork and craftsmanship that goes with each piece.


  1. All Things Living

 An ode to New York’s oddity and fascination with life, jewelry pieces featuring creatures are all the hype when it comes to fashion jewelry.

As weird and random it can be, we can’t deny the fashion appeal of arachnids covered in gems or pearls. Maybe that is what this style is all about —turning freaky things into people’s fashion fantasy. Because certainly, you won’t allow a spider to crawl on your neck, but you’ll be more than happy to wear one made of metal.

This design can be applied to any fashion jewelry piece. From spun web rings to solid brooches, everyone can use a creature or two to spice up their fashion jewelry collection.


  1. The Renowned Pearl

It seems that young New Yorkers are now reclaiming the pearl design for fashion jewelry. Used to be a “mature” lady’s accessory, the pearl is now a symbol of classiness, power, and modernity.

The pearl is now reinvented too —it has come a long way from being just a string of pearls as a necklace. Now, modern pearl jewelry has been given fresh and interesting silhouettes that stride from the strict tradition of high-class jewelry.

A common occurrence is the mix-and-match of styles and trends. You’ll see pearls added as a delicate touch to edgy jewelry pieces or a simple focal point for minimalist jewelry. This design tactic helped change the people’s view on pearls where it’s all about being uptight and formal. Now, common pearl fashion jewelry can be worn on any occasion, at all times.

Jewelers are no longer picky about the roughness or smoothness of the pearls too. Gone are those days where perfect pearl spheres are the only passable materials for jewelry making. Now, we celebrate all the things that are used to be classified as imperfections.

New York City’s fashion jewelry scene still has a lot to unpack. With the rise and fall of different styles and trends, it’s always interesting to witness how their jewelry choices evolve as time goes by.

One thing that we’re absolutely sure of is that New York always has an impeccable taste in their fashion jewelry styles. If you are interested in learning more about fashion jewelry styles in NYC, or wanting to see more high fashion styles of costume jewelry, you can visit, world’s largest fashion jewelry wholesale platform, to see 80000+ fashionable and beautiful designs and get the latest news about popular jewelry in NYC, or obtain inspiration about creative jewelry designs.





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