McMurray Stern is the leader of automated storage solutions across all industries and projects. No matter what storage systems you need, from retrieval systems to museum storage cabinets, the company ensures that you have the most advanced technology and equipment to maximize your space and grow your business.

McMurray Stern serves a wide range of industries from retail, manufacturing, to grocery. Specifically, Fashion companies will benefit from McMurray Stern automated solutions which will increase efficiency, time, and customer satisfaction for their business. With changing consumer priorities and trends, the global fashion industry is constantly adapting to new shifts. From automated storage and retrieval systems to manual and modular solutions, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers will be able to meet consumer’s demands quickly and efficiently.

In automating your apparel logistics, storage, and return handling, you’ll be able to meet same day shipping orders just before shipping cutting-off deadlines. From conveyors and auto-guided transport systems to automatic picking systems, our SSI Schafer customized automation solutions will give you a highly efficient procedure for your storage needs. 

McMurray Stern partners with SSI Schafer to offer automated guided vehicles as an automated solution that will fit into your existing warehouse and will give you a highly efficient procedure for your storage needs. Your business will be able to meet same day shipping orders by automating your apparel logistics, storage, and return handling. From conveyors and auto-guided transport systems to automatic picking systems, the SSI Schafer customized automation solutions will solve your needs.

SSI Schafer’s automated guided vehicles have been used at the luxury fashion brand, Longchamp. The project included the installation of new rack systems, the integration of new technology into the bin conveying system, and the delivery and start-up of the vertical conveyor and pallet conveying system. The vehicles transport pallets over more than 300 m from the pallet warehouse to the picking area. Once the vehicles have arrived at their destination, they automatically place the pallets in a two-level rack storage system.



“The collaboration with SSI SCHAEFER was held trustfully in an atmosphere of full cooperation and mutual support,” says Albin De Macedo, logistics manager at Segré, Longchamp. 

Anyone who has worked in retail knows how heavy transporting clothes is. Consider the WEASEL, an automated guided vehicle solution for flexible, internal transport of goods such as hanging garments and accessories. The WEASEL’s compact design allows for transport through inaccessible areas. This vehicle solution will speed up transport times and improve the cost effectiveness of your logistics processes. The WEASEL is an excellent addition to any warehouse.

McMurray Stern’s micro-fulfillment solutions are focused on the shopping experience to exceed customer expectations for convenience, speed and accuracy. Retailers are seeking a solution to get products closer to the customer by allowing for on-demand delivery and cutting down the distance between the warehouse and the customer’s front door. With McMurray Stern’s micro-fulfillment solutions, companies can offer customers same-day delivery, better accuracy and efficiency for warehouse growth, and automated solutions for products needing temperature control and speed.

What makes McMurray Stern’s micro-fulfillment solutions more effective? With the enhanced adaptability, companies meet their customers’ demands in-store and online. You will be able to lower your operational costs significantly by using micro-fulfillment delivery in one area. McMurray Stern has the solutions to match the scope of your business and customer needs quickly, resulting in faster delivery. Its scalable solutions have the ability to offer your business a range of capabilities. 

For safe, sustainable and scalable solutions to maximize your space and grow your business, look no further than McMurray Stern.

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