If you are in the business behind fashion to purchase diamond jewelry, you now have an opportunity to design your own statement piece guided by a top gemologist.  Diamonds will never go out of fashion and are always a solid investment.

You can meet with a gemologist virtually on Zoom from anywhere in the country or the world. If you visit Toronto, Ontario, you can make an appointment to meet the Kimbefire team at their office. Their proprietary software ensures that all customers receive the same experience, whether they live next door or across the country.

Jonathan Goldberg the founder of kimberfire.com has changed how the discerning customer can purchase custom jewelry "business behind fashion"



Q: Please explain how a customer chooses the design of a ring, necklace, earrings?

A: Essentially everything we do at the business behind fashion Kimberfire is custom – so instead of choosing a design, our consultants (who are also gemologists) work one-on-one with clients to build their perfect piece of jewelry. Our process is very transparent. First, the consultant goes through all the different elements of the piece of jewelry with the client. Then they move on to help the client select a diamond while keeping their total budget in mind. The consultant also acts as project manager throughout the manufacturing process, keeping the client informed every step of the way, and ensuring that the piece meets our high-quality standards. 

Q: Do you have samples that they can choose from?

A: We have many physical samples to view in office, and reference images for our virtual meetings. Our consultants walk each client through the many design options and make sure our clients have all the information they need to make a decision with confidence. Many of our clients also introduce personal elements into their designs, which we love.


Q: If a customer has their own unique design for an engagement ring, share the process from first meeting to completion?

A: Our process is very much the same whether a client knows what they are looking for or not. In both cases, our consultants walk their clients through our detailed design process to make sure we’re making exactly what our client is looking for. We end up having a lot of fun with the design stage.



Q: Can a customer design a ring or necklace that looks like another designer brand without the same price tag? 

A: While we will not copy logos or proprietary design elements from other brands, we can always find a way to design a piece of jewelry inspired by any image our client has their heart set on. Our non-traditional retail model means that we can offer much better value than typical designer brands. By making everything directly for our clients, we also have a lot of flexibility and can find various ways to help our clients create the piece they are dreaming of without breaking the bank.


Q: What is your most popular design for engagement rings?

A: The great thing about our business behind fashion is that every engagement ring is unique and created specifically for our clients. In general, our clients tend toward classic and timeless pieces, with a contemporary twist. Our goal is for our pieces to hold up over time (both in style and quality). That being said, some design elements are definitely more popular than others. Right now, oval diamonds are definitely trending. Yellow gold is still very much in demand, as is platinum or white gold. Our necklaces and earrings also tend to be heavily personalized, although we will be introducing our own line of fashion items soon!


Q: Can you add other gems other than diamonds?

A: Definitely. We’re diamond experts and admirers but, as gemologists, our consultants have expert knowledge in all gemstones and can help our clients find whatever stones they might be dreaming of. If not diamond, we tend to recommend the harder gemstones such as sapphire and ruby for our pieces as they will hold up best to everyday wear.


Q: Have you designed jewelry at Kimberfire for any celebrities?

A: We have! We were lucky to make Tyler Shaw’s engagement ring for his now-wife Alex, as well as their wedding bands. We’ve also made engagement rings, followed by wedding bands and gifts, for a number of Toronto’s professional athletes and social media influencers.


Visit Kimberfire.com to start your diamond designing journey.





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