Leading smartwatch fashion house brand IMILAB is proud to announce that, as a wearable smart product manufacturer which combines practicality and design, it has worked with Chief Designer, Vivienne Hu's upcoming fashion brand VHNY to showcase its state-of-the-art W11L smart women's watch at Spring/Summer 2022 New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

New York Fashion Week is a convergence of the world's leading and emerging fashion designers exhibiting the latest fashion-forward trends. Showcasing and debuting the latest works in the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of the most significant events around the globe in the world of fashion. With over 87 years of history, annual revenue of 1.6 billion dollars, about 230,000 audiences attend every year it’s highly sought after tickets have become a must-see and do for emerging fashion house designers. 


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The fashion industry has been intermingling with the tech industry for years; however, the actual connection between the two has yet to materialize. Today, IMILAB proved its place in the fashion world with its unique collaboration with fashion label VHNY at New York Fashion Week. 

The IMILAB W11L Smart Watch is built of aviation-grade alloy that eliminates all worries about impact and abrasion. The watch is robust, durable, and boasts a sophisticated luster. The watch comes in a solid IML craft case which has proven to withstand unwanted scrapes and scratches. The watch dial is also scratch-resistant. 

One of the most striking features of the IMILAB W11L is that the SmartWatch is intelligently designed to predict and track menstrual ovulation periods.“Our IMILAB W11L is designed with care to be the perfect watch for modern smart women. Thus, added to be extremely elegant and durable, our watch comes with a smart period tracker that will help you to keep tabs on your menstrual cycle. It will track your menstrual period and help women concerned about menstruation irregularities and serve as a guide for what may be considered a healthier period. Based on that information, you can consult your doctor for more information. Additionally, tracking ovulation is essential for women who plan on becoming pregnant.”fashion house



IMILAB is an IoT enterprise that integrates advanced AI algorithms for the most advanced smart fashion house security systems. Due to its independent product design and R&D, software and hardware development, artificial intelligence and applications, smart home platform data mining, IMILAB witnessed an inspiring boost in sales performance. Its distribution network covers more than 150 countries with over 150M active users. IMILAB delivered 40 million smart devices to the global market in 2020. In addition to smart security products, IMILAB is also committed to developing and producing personal smart wearable products. 2021 is the first year of IMILAB's unique smart-wearing products. IMILAB has launched two smartwatch products for men and women in 2021. IMILAB always looks forward to improving people's lifestyles through innovative smart solutions.

For more information, visit www.imilabglobal.com.



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