Carbon Neutral 3D Printed Bags are from the first-ever collection created by Julia Daviy, who is the queen of 3D printed fashion apparel. For the past three years, she has designed garments within the fashion industry that are not only innovative but also sustainable. This year in 2020, she launched her brand consisting of luxury bags that are surely going to take over the hearts of every fashionista out there.



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It was in 2018 Julia Daviy presented the first-ever collection of wearable yet flexible garments that fabricated digitally and 3D-printed using industrial large-format 3D-printers. 


Soon, she began to alter the central core of the fashion industry. It was during Spring in 2019 when she launched her first completely customizable and digitally made skirts that were 3D-printed. The British Vogue crowned these skirts as must-haves for every lover of fashion. After a couple of months in the same year, she created flexible materials using 3D printing in multi-color and began development in ‘soft geometry,’ producing 3D and 4D printed collections.

Designer, environmentalist and technologist, Julia Daviy combines her love for the environment and her aesthetic vision, and by using digital designing creates artistic and fashionable masterpieces that are not only tasteful to look at but also safer for the environment. Her innovative and artistic fusion results in the creation of accessories and bags that will be remembered for being the first-ever ones created using additive manufacturing.

As an innovative designer, she continues to combine science and nature with fashion and created her new collection of luxury bags called Morphogenesis, which was showcased at the Flying Solo Show in New York Fashion Week.


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These bags considered art objects; with an elegant yet striking design that complements a variety of ensembles. The unique design, texture, materials, and the process of production of these bags has taken inspiration from morphogenesis, which is a process of how nature develops biological shapes.

Similar to her previous collections, Daviy’s Morphogenesis collection of sustainable and fashionable bags is created using 3D printers. According to a particular bag’s specifications, the design and material of each bag required a customized process of manufacturing. Daviy uses stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and multi jet fusion. All of the bags are made as complete pieces by using the process of additive manufacturing to produce the least amount of waste plus net carbon production.


Due to Daviy’s carefully calibrated and calculated production process, the carbon footprint of these luxury bags is reduced by 92% and even more. Plus, the water used in the process, pollution, and waste are also significantly decreased when compared with the production of your standard leather bags. Moreover, the complete process is transparent and traceable. To completely eliminate the carbon footprint, Julia Daviy has invested in planting trees.

For a lot of the designers, the connection of couture with theoretical biology would not be apparent. However, unlike other designers, Julia Daviy started her fashion career when she was simultaneously a part of the clean-tech field, working towards water treatment and purification, and managing renewable-energy projects. Not to mention, she is an expert in digital fabrication and 3D printing.


Furthermore, she stated that not only has she been trying to achieve zero carbon footprint with her work, but she also wants to positively impact the natural ecosystem by changing the traditional manufacturing processes.


It was in 1952 when Alan Turing explained morphogenesis’s chemical process. His discoveries were proven after sixty years. That is when Daviy started working on her plans on using 3D printing to create a sustainable and waste-free manufacturing process used in fashion. With her Morphogenesis collection, Daviy used Turning’s research for the first time in her designing process.









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