Our fashion choices progress along with the new year. A handbag can be our most cherished belongings, a work of art, or the tote on which you focus more than your BFF everyday. The things we carry are physically and emotionally significant and thus make diversifying your wardrobe a priority. Covid-19 has intensified some of the challenges the Black people are experiencing. Black people matter and so do the businesses they own. In order to know, support and love, we have rounded up 4 of our favorite black-owned handbag brands.


Telfar bags, also known as the Bushwick Birkin, are for everyone and are hot like fire. Seriously, the cult following includes New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.



Truth Black

Luxe doesn't even begin to describe Truth Black’s aesthetic. The lifestyle designer and influencer Chris Parker @ParkerXL created the line which focuses on timelessness. The bags are also made from vegan leather which helps reduce the environmental impact. These handbags are designed for everyday use to get you from point A to point B.


Brandon Blackwood NYC

Born and bred in New York City and Tokyo, Brandon Blackwood infused his namesake label with a universal appeal. His styles are diverse because there's something for everybody, but the Kuei top handle is one of our favorite styles if you want a clean, tight and boxy silhouette.


Mateo NYC

We’ve been awed by Matther Harris’ jewelry line Mateo before, but his handbag collection is not to be missed. The design of his bags adopt the same minimalist through-line of architecturally influenced jewelry in the form of embossed croc totes and lady-like box bags.



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