“Siri, does this outfit make my butt look big?” What if your computer told you what to wear today? Computers that were once beating human players at chess are now running national defense systems. In recent years these systems have become capable of so much more than they were designed for. Speaking of design, if we could take these same technological capabilities and apply them to the fashion industry, we could potentially artificial intelligence predict future trends and find out what the next “Big Thing” is going to be.

By examining pictures and posts on social media platforms, and following the latest in celebrity news from similar outlets, this technology could map current and upcoming trends in seconds. Everybody wants to know who the celebrity of the day is wearing, and fashion designers are always trying to tailor their creations to create the next big trend. The A.I. could use this information, combine it with past fashion trends, and quite literally calculate the next Big Thing.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova


The largest appeal of this technology is convenience. A task that would require a whole team of dedicated workers hours to pour through layers of documented data can now be completed in a fraction of the time by a single A.I. There are just as many public uses as there are private. This technology would be a lifesaver for those of us who exhaust ourselves daily keeping up with the latest trends.


For those of you fearing a Terminator-Esque rise of the situation of the machine, and arguably they would be extremely well-dressed terminators, I assure you our future is not so morose. This fashion A.I. Technology is not meant to replace designers, models, or the consumer. Think of it like a fairy godmother who always wants us to look our best for the ball "artificial intelligence predict"


Learn more  www.fashionhubexpo.com


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