Meet Robert Pascuzzi, a self made success story who now takes time to pursue his passions, and his own story as he continues to grow and inspire others. His first novel, The Ravine, has been adapted to film which release date will be soon announced.



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The Ravine tells a heart-wrenching story of grief, understanding, hope, forgiveness and the greatest message, non-judgement. In writing the story, he believes that it was more than inspiration, it was a calling. Robert explains that “a calling is something that you do not turn away from, it’s not optional. You must go forward.”


And so he did. Inspired by true events, the story follows a tragedy that has struck not only one family, but all those who care so deeply for them. Robert’s true moment of vulnerability comes from the desire to tell a story that was “worthy of his friends, but that others would also find meaningful,” with the hope that it would be well respected, but also play homage to the experience. Now, not only is the book becoming greatly successful, but the adaptation, produced by Pascuzzi, his wife Kelly, and Phil Goldfine, anticipates it as well as it features Peter Facinelli, Teri Polo, and Eric Dane.

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This project means more than just literary and film success. Robert calls it a “labor of love… to give our souls a voice.” Even in times of difficulty, whether it would be writers block that he overcame by being in nature with God’s grace, or feeling as if as a family, him and Kelly would not be able to tell the story how they wanted to, they persevered and told a beautiful story. The couple had told a story “in the midst of a dark period… and came out the other side stronger and more certain than ever that this story was supposed to be shared.” With The Ravine’s success came the desire to really impact as many people as possible, which is what continues to motivate Robert and Kelly in producing a film with the “continual realization of a worthy ideal.”


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Despite the success, there were a few bumps in the road. But as a man of faith, Robert places his trust in God. He is inspired by Him, and feels “the Spirit always flowing through and equipping us to be, do, and have all that was intended.” He understood that even when he tried to “work against the natural flow of things and try to push the book,” that finally leaving it in God’s hands is when things started moving forward. He continues to be a great family man, finding time to write after his obligations to his wife and three sons.


When Robert isn’t writing, he’s reading, enjoying time with his family, spending time at the lake, and was even a 2 time Iron Man competitor which he is greatly proud of. It would not be uncommon to see him and Kelly collaborating at two in the morning about a project because of how much time he spends prioritizing his other roles, yet they continue to be a duo of inspiration.


If there is any piece of advice Robert can share with new authors, it’s this: “Learn to exercise the higher faculties, imagination and intuition. For every question there is the perfect answer. Learn to write what you’re truly inspired by because it can’t be wrong. Allow your mind to see what you only dream of, because if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.” The film is set to premiere in 2021.


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