Having attended the theater performance of "The Cherry Orchard" produced by the Harold Clurman Theater Laboratory in September 2023, I was thoroughly impressed by the production's artistry and the talented cast's ability to breathe new life into Chekhov's timeless masterpiece.

The Harold Clurman Theater Laboratory's rendition of "The Cherry Orchard" offered a fresh perspective on the classic Russian play, infusing it with modern relevance while staying true to the essence of Chekhov's vision. The production seamlessly transported the audience to early 20th century Russia, immersing us in a world on the brink of change whilst also making the atmosphere relevant to 21st Century New York. The characters were nuanced and fresh with lively personalities and beautiful energies - you almost forgot you were watching a period piece if not for the lavish costumes and Chekhovian text.

Everything you could possibly hope to get from the theatre was achieved by this production; from humor, drama, romance and even a twist which leaves your mouth open and creates tension in the room which carries until the final act. Laughing, crying and clenching seats was the experience from start to finish. The beautiful text and delivery all contributed to making this an unforgettable theatre show. Unfortunately just a 2 week run leaves you wanting more and hoping that we may see it again.

The ensemble cast exhibited exceptional chemistry, effectively portraying the dynamics of a family grappling with societal shifts and personal dilemmas. Each actor brought a unique energy to their respective roles, contributing to the production's overall cohesion and impact. From the intertwining story lines to characters solo moments the whole cast worked in tandem to produce a production filled with heart and spirit.



One of the standout performances of the evening was delivered by British actor Danielle Kendler-Rhodes in one of the lead roles. Playing Dunyasha, Kendler-Rhodes brought depth and nuance to the character, capturing Dunyasha's youthful exuberance and inner turmoil with remarkable authenticity. Her portrayal added layers of complexity to the narrative, making Dunyasha a compelling and memorable presence on stage. Making us laugh and cry her energy on stage was charming. She delivered an authentic performance that felt true to the time and to the story. You fell in love with her portrayal from the moment she stepped on stage and were hooked on her performance until the final bow was made.

The set design and staging were equally impressive, transporting the audience to the sprawling estate of the Ranevskaya family. There was meticulous attention to detail, from the ornate furnishings to doors which swung open to reveal a lively and exciting dance floor. Every aspect of the production design contributed to the immersive theatrical experience.

Overall, the Harold Clurman Theater Laboratory's production of "The Cherry Orchard" was a triumph of storytelling and performance. With its stellar cast, inventive direction, and impeccable production values, this rendition of Chekhov's classic masterpiece left a lasting impression, reminding audiences of the enduring power of live theater.


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