Oliviia Tcargush has been an actor her entire life, from stage to screen, the Abkhazian-Georgian artist has taken over national televisions, scooped up awards, and is now making a name for herself in Los Angeles. However, Oliviia can add social media star to her ever expanding career as she recently went viral with over 5 Million views on the social media platform, TikTok for a comedy video which has exploded on the Internet.

We caught up with Oliviia in Los Angeles, to discuss acting and that viral comedy sketch video which has everyone talking about.


As an actor, what kind of content do you like to do on your TikTok?

On my TikTok, I make lifestyle videos, English videos, and I also share my acting journey. You see, I was a child actor in Russia, then I moved to LA to pursue my degree in Acting, and after my graduation I started documenting my journey on TikTok. It's amazing to look back and see how far I've come, the accomplishments I've achieved. It's like capturing a beautiful journey on TikTok.

My English videos are quite popular among my followers. They love complimenting my accent and often ask for tips and advice on learning English and improving their accents. So, I make videos sharing what I know to help them sound better and improve their English skills.

In addition to that, I also create lifestyle videos where I just have fun and talk about my day. It's all about being entertaining and bringing a smile to people's faces. I love being my unapologetic self and my followers appreciate the natural and real content I create. No filters or heavy editing, just showing them what my life looks like. It's all about making people feel good and inspiring them on their own journeys.


What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Personally, I love TikTok! It's where real people gather, showing love through comments and embracing the true essence of social media. It's a place to share experiences, offer advice, and support one another. The beauty of TikTok lies in the love-filled commentary, the joy of connecting, liking, sharing, and asking questions. It's all about being social, being human! I truly appreciate that about TikTok. Being authentic with my followers is key, and they genuinely respect and appreciate it. So, yeah, that's what I absolutely adore about TikTok!

But you know what? I've got mad love for YouTube too! Right now, I'm actually starting my own channel on YouTube. My TikTok followers have been asking me to create a YouTube channel and start vlogging. In fact, I'm filming my very first vlog today! So yeah, YouTube is definitely up there on my list of favorite social media platforms. Oh, and we can't forget about Instagram! It's the perfect place to share my red carpet pics and celebrate my accomplishments in the industry. Plus, those beautiful moments deserve to be shared, right? 

You have over 5 Million views on TikTok for one video. Tell us about that video and what was going on there?

It all started when I was asked to do a "What's in my bag" video. Now, here's the thing: even though Russian is my first language, I've been living in Los Angeles for a few years now, so I mainly use English in my everyday life. When I do speak Russian, I have an American accent and sometimes stumble over words. So, in this video, I decided to embrace those funny moments when I couldn't pronounce Russian words correctly. Instead of editing them out, I put them all together, creating a hilarious montage. People loved it! They related to the struggle and found it so entertaining. They even said they rewatch it all the time because it brings them joy. It's amazing to know that I could make people smile and feel good. I'm truly grateful for the viral success of that video. It's all about spreading positivity and making people happy!

The video has been shared on several meme Instagram pages, and it has gone viral with almost 5 million views.


@livtcargush Я потом уложила волосы нормально😁😁 #ЛосАнджелес #США #Голливуд #актриса #английский #акцент #Оливия ♬ оригинальный звук - OLIVIIA

Do you think social media is a blessing or a curse?

As a child actor, I've learned to handle negativity and criticism with a calm and collected attitude. I don't let it affect me because I know who the real people are and who the commenters are. It's important to be aware of that distinction. When you use social media with the right mindset, focusing on creating joy for yourself and others, it truly becomes a blessing. I feel so lucky to do what I love and bring smiles to people's faces. It's all about perspective, and if you embrace it as a blessing, it can truly be one.

As an actor, do you think having a social media presence is important and why?

When you're a professional actor in the early stages of your big career journey, it becomes crucial to document your journey and put yourself out there. It's all about capturing attention, connecting with like-minded individuals, and garnering support. Social media serves as a powerful tool, bringing people together for a common purpose. It provides a platform for you to showcase your art and engage with others who appreciate your craft. Building a strong following and support system can truly make a difference in the world. So, embrace the opportunities that social media presents and continue sharing your talent with the world is a good place to be at. You have the potential to make a significant good impact!

Do you have a positive mantra or saying that you use to motivate yourself?

Mine is always “God’s Plan”. To trust, not to worry, stress or be afraid of anything, just be your true unapologetic self and stay positive and grateful.

Why is what you do important?

It's so important to spread positivity and make people feel good, especially as an artist. Social media can be a great tool for that, as it helps distract people from their everyday problems and gives them a little boost of happiness. I believe in the power of spreading love, being grateful, and focusing on personal growth. It's all about becoming the best version of ourselves and reminding others to be happy because life is meant to be good. Spreading that important message and reminding everyone to appreciate life. We've got this! :)


How can people follow your journey?

Instagram - oliviiatcargush

TikTok - livtcargush

Website - www.oliviiatcargush.com

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