Lucia is the author and illustrator of a book series for young readers.  She has traveled the world as a physiotherapist consultant and now is speaking up about inclusion and diversity.


Lucia’s first seminar was held at Cairo University in Egypt where she taught physical therapists a new method to treat patients with disabilities and coached parents of children with special needs. After that, she started giving speeches and lectures in countries such as Malaysia, Brazil, Cyprus, Bahrain, United Arabic Emirates, Portugal, among others.  Being in contact with multicultural environments, Lucia realized that children with special needs should be included in a society like other children.



During the quarantine, while living in Spain, Lucia decided to start painting and writing again. After creating her characters on canvas,  she gave them life and published the trilogy “Zoe the Crab,” a series of chapter books indicated for young readers and enjoyed by the whole family. Zoe is a sweet and curious little crab who lives on the beach with her mom and brothers but is not happy with the fact that she can only walk sideways. She feels silly and keeps complaining about it.  One day she goes on an expedition, gets lost on the beach, and loses her claw. While she tries to find her house, she meets animals and predators and realizes that they also walk differently and that it is okay to walk differently. 




Lucia is publishing her third book in the series in November and is working on a novel for adults which is still focused on diversity and acceptance. She also just started a service where she coaches people who also want to make their writing dreams come true. The service is for anyone who has ideas and doesn’t know how to put them on paper or illustrate them. All her books are in English, Portuguese and Spanish and the service includes translation, audiobooks, illustrations, publications, and marketing services.

Instagram: @luciamatuontoauthor
Twitter: Luciamatuontoauthor



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