"The Power of Positive Thinking: Interfaith 21st Century Edition"
Empowering Minds with Positive Thinking


Hasan Abdullah Ismaik, the award-winning author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has created an amazing book that goes beyond religious differences to promote peace and unity in today's world.

"The Power of Positive Thinking: Interfaith 21st Century Edition" is an extraordinary publication that brings people of different faiths together, fostering understanding and positivity. The book has gained global recognition and even won a silver medal at the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards. With this new edition, Hasan Ismaik aims to reach a wider audience, especially young people, and provide valuable insights that resonate with individuals from various religious backgrounds.

The original book was written by the Rev. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale in 1952, "The Power of Positive Thinking" and it has remained a source of inspiration and wisdom over the years. The best-seller has sold over twenty-four million copies worldwide and has been translated into forty-two languages, making it one of the most influential books in modern history. In this latest edition curated by Ismaik, the book's universal appeal is revitalized, bridging the gap between different faith traditions.

Ismaik United Three Abrahamic Religions:

Hasan Abdullah Ismaik, known for his inspirational writings and commitment to interfaith dialogue, enriches the Interfaith 21st Century Edition by including comparable quotes from the Quran, the Hebrew Bible, and the Christian New King James Version Bible. By finding common ground between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Ismaik helps individuals of different faiths recognize shared philosophies and principles. Through this remarkable work, Ismaik aims to bring unity and universality in a world marked by divisions and polarization.

"The Power of Positive Thinking: Interfaith 21st Century Edition" encapsulates Hasan Ismaik's extensive research, personal experiences, and spiritual wisdom to promote harmony, compassion, and open-mindedness in a changing world. This edition sheds light on the timeless principles of faith, hope, and love that connect diverse religious traditions. Ismaik explores shared values and teachings that can foster understanding and cooperation, enabling individuals to embrace diversity and build bridges across faith communities. Ismaik wants to  reach the youth globally to spread his message of unity.

Hasan Ismaik's powerful book offers hope and encourages readers to reflect on their beliefs, challenge preconceived notions, and embrace a more inclusive worldview. Through a combination of scholarly research and personal stories, Ismaik provides practical strategies for cultivating positivity, overcoming challenges, and promoting interfaith dialogue in everyday life. "The Power of Positive Thinking: Interfaith 21st Century Edition" is a valuable resource for those seeking spiritual growth, interfaith understanding, and a better future for humanity.




Must-Have - Must Read

“This book has changed my life for the absolute good. From front to back, you will find common faith-based techniques to help you overcome life's most difficult challenges. Great read!! “Amazon Review

Hasan Abdullah Ismaik is a champion of unity and compassion. An Arab entrepreneur, writer, and thinker, Ismaik is dedicated to spreading philosophical culture and fostering Arab rational discourse. He is committed to promoting harmony between the East and West, supporting religious discourse and tolerance, and enhancing the understanding of Islamic philosophy and heritage. Ismaik's work extends beyond literature to international cooperation, conflict resolution, stability in the Middle East, and the well-being of young people. Through his contributions, Ismaik aims to strengthen bonds of love and understanding and achieve spiritual harmony.

Hasan Ismaik's groundbreaking book, "The Power of Positive Thinking: Interfaith 21st Century Edition," is poised to have a lasting impact by transcending religious boundaries and promoting a more harmonious and interconnected world. With its powerful message of unity, compassion, and hope. This book will impact your life like no other book you will read in 2023!


You can order the book at Amazon.com   https://shorturl.at/fstKU





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