Tama Leia


Tama Leia is the author and voice actress for the upcoming novel, “La Femme de Troye”. She is also the designer behind the wearable art collection which features poetic words from her stories. 


My stories and my designs are very romantic. I want the reader who reads my words and the wearer who wears my clothes to feel very loved, inspired, and beautiful. I aspire to create that kind of emotional impact in everything I write or design.



How did you incorporate fashion into your book?

My fashion line was created around my novel and poetry books.  I incorporated meaningful words and little poetic sayings from my stories, and I turned them into wearable art.

For instance, in my novel, “La Femme de Troye” the story starts out with the main characters who sometimes speak in French say, « Je t’aime très fort » which translates to “I love you strongly” or “I love you as much as a person can be loved”. Those words are embroidered on one of my most popular sweaters.


How do you get your projects to the point of perfection? How do you know when you have created the desired effect?

I am always looking for that emotional impact in everything I do in the field of art - writing, designing, voice acting…

When it’s there I can feel it… and it’s undeniable. 

In getting my novel to that point, I spent countless hours going back and forth with my editors. My family and friends give me lots of feedback. I love all their ideas. It is beautiful to see how much everyone wants to contribute! I love collaborating in that way. I value everyone’s ideas and feedback so much. 


Beyond working with editors and asking for feedback from friends and family is there anything else involved in the process of creating your art?

Yes, l continuously re-read the chapters I wrote. Every time I look at it anew and read it from the audience’s viewpoint. Each time it was a brand-new story to me. It is a very useful action for me as an artist because it’s much more obvious what adjustments need to be made.

I was finally made aware that I was on the right path (of creating the desired emotional impact) when the chapters in my novel brought tears to my eyes. For many of the chapters I actually had tears streaming down my face, because I felt the emotional impact so strongly…. and the message of the book is so powerful.

For my clothing there is a certain quality I wanted to match. I studied brands like Gucci, Prada and Chanel to see what made their clothes so amazing. And then I insisted that my collection be on par in terms of quality.  Because I feel like quality has a lot to do with the emotional impact. 

And beyond that there’s a feeling I wanted to create: My clothes are meant to make you feel your best when you wear them. Every fiber and element that went into creating them was perfection and that extra element of care is noticed and felt. It’s that feeling of being loved, inspired and beautiful.


What are your thoughts on the fame and fortune aspect when it comes to creating as an artist? Is that something you are going for?

I think that the most beautiful thing about being in a high-profile position is the special opportunity to bring about change in our culture in a positive way. I love being an educator and an author for that very reason.

When I see writers, actors, musicians, and other influential people enlightening, inspiring, and uplifting our culture that is what is most beautiful to me. I admire that kind of influence and leadership utterly with a passion.

When it comes to money I am happiest when I am making a lot of money because it is an acknowledgment of my good work. But more importantly in the grand scheme of things the true importance of money for me is how much help I can give the world from it. 

For me personally, I will never judge the worth of myself or anyone by the amount of money in a bank account, but instead by the amount of service they or I can bring to the world. That is what makes me feel rich and that’s what makes me proud

Tama Leia


La Femme de Troye, the novel…. Coming soon!



Art composites: StarLion

Publicity: PR Muse, floridianbluellc

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