The rise of Instagram influencer - Yara Elle Khawam

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Yara Elle Khawam is an online influencer, actress and a model as well. She's always defying society's norms and going beyond her comfort zones or anyone else's. "Art is the only way for me to express my anxieties and live my confidence freely with no judgement" she says.

yara elucid

She did her first art exhibition at the age of 15 all by herself, and dreamed that one day she could make an impact on people, and she sure did. Today she is creating a clothing line that represents her and her idea of feminism. Everything she stands for, she defends wholeheartedly and is more than passionate about the tools she uses to outburst her beliefs. Her new clothing line will be launched in mid august, be sure to check it out on her instagram:@YaraElleKhawam




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