Launch of furniture line Ulloo42

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The Launch of Ulloo 42 saw celebrities and collectors alike attend the red carpet extravaganza. The event celebrated best friends Suzanne Currie and Lisa Abraham unveiling their first collection of their bespoke furniture brand at the famed Siren Studio’s in Los Angeles. Celebrity attendees walking the red carpet included; Michelle Lukes (Strikeback), Blake Cooper Griffin (Preacher), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Shelley Bhalla (Jane the Virgin), Lenay (Musician), Adrian Dev (Westworld), Bonnie Piesse (Star Wars) and Mercedes Young (Too Rome For Love).

Gilda Garza, a Mexican female artist from Sinaloa, has decided to exemplify the power and strength of a woman in her oeuvre, most especially in her latest offering she tagged “Fight for love”: a collection of artworks that capture the sexy, confident, persuasiveness side of a woman, and not the weak and vulnerable way that sexualizes the woman body.

Pixhug is a new App that gives everyone the power to make a difference simply by sharing and liking photos, and brings visibility to corporate donations.

The Star-Studded Night Raised Thousands for the Hope OfThe Valley Rescue Mission
The historic MontalbanTheatre was buzzing as many Broadway stars assembled to take the stage for Broadway to the Rescue: A Benefit for the Homeless. 

Fashion Sense by Gloria Edwards

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Fans of the , the musical supergroup of the 1970s, and their brother Andy Gibb, have reason to cheer with the announcement of The Gibb Collective.


Friday night, celebrities, teen influencers, youtube personalities, and movie enthusiasts all gathered at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills for the theatrical premiere of the upcoming teen-flick, School Spirits!

September 13th, 2017 - New York - Last night celebrities, wellness enthusiasts, fitness lovers, and singles all gathered at Life Time Athletic at Sky in Manhattan for the launch of a global love movement and the Lodge Social Club App (Coming October 1st)!


Why Men Are Voyeurs ?

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Many, many studies have demonstrated that, regardless of one's own level of attractiveness, all human beings desire the most beautiful partners.  Physical attractiveness and good looks rule the roost!  Yet within that matrix, sadly, reality intervenes.  For most individuals are not accorded the favor of overreaching.  One cannot move facilely from one level of beauty to another.  Most individuals end up with someone equal to themselves in the looks department.  Thus, the more beautiful one is, the more beautiful the ones you will attract.  And that being said, why are males the primary viewers of the eight billion dollar per year pornography industry?